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package readfile

import ""


Package Files



const Name = "readfile"

Name for test readfile

func New Uses

func New() venom.Executor

New returns a new Test Exec

type Executor Uses

type Executor struct {
    Path string `json:"path,omitempty" yaml:"path,omitempty"`

Executor represents a Test Exec

func (Executor) GetDefaultAssertions Uses

func (Executor) GetDefaultAssertions() *venom.StepAssertions

GetDefaultAssertions return default assertions for type exec

func (Executor) Run Uses

func (Executor) Run(testCaseContext venom.TestCaseContext, l venom.Logger, step venom.TestStep, workdir string) (venom.ExecutorResult, error)

Run execute TestStep of type exec

func (Executor) ZeroValueResult Uses

func (Executor) ZeroValueResult() venom.ExecutorResult

ZeroValueResult return an empty implemtation of this executor result

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    Executor    Executor          `json:"executor,omitempty" yaml:"executor,omitempty"`
    Content     string            `json:"content,omitempty" yaml:"content,omitempty"`
    ContentJSON interface{}       `json:"contentjson,omitempty" yaml:"contentjson,omitempty"`
    Err         string            `json:"error" yaml:"error"`
    TimeSeconds float64           `json:"timeSeconds,omitempty" yaml:"timeSeconds,omitempty"`
    TimeHuman   string            `json:"timeHuman,omitempty" yaml:"timeHuman,omitempty"`
    Md5sum      map[string]string `json:"md5sum,omitempty" yaml:"md5sum,omitempty"`
    Size        map[string]int64  `json:"size,omitempty" yaml:"size,omitempty"`
    ModTime     map[string]int64  `json:"modtime,omitempty" yaml:"modtime,omitempty"`
    Mod         map[string]string `json:"mod,omitempty" yaml:"mod,omitempty"`

Result represents a step result

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