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package web

import ""


Package Files

keys.go types.go web.go


const Name = "web"

Name of executor


var Keys = map[string]string{
    "NULL":            "\uE000",
    "CANCEL":          "\uE001",
    "HELP":            "\uE002",
    "BACK_SPACE":      "\uE003",
    "TAB":             "\uE004",
    "CLEAR":           "\uE005",
    "RETURN":          "\uE006",
    "ENTER":           "\uE007",
    "SHIFT":           "\uE008",
    "LEFT_SHIFT":      "\uE008",
    "CONTROL":         "\uE009",
    "LEFT_CONTROL":    "\uE009",
    "ALT":             "\uE00A",
    "LEFT_ALT":        "\uE00A",
    "PAUSE":           "\uE00B",
    "ESCAPE":          "\uE00C",
    "SPACE":           "\uE00D",
    "PAGE_UP":         "\uE00E",
    "PAGE_DOWN":       "\uE00F",
    "END":             "\uE010",
    "HOME":            "\uE011",
    "LEFT":            "\uE012",
    "ARROW_LEFT":      "\uE012",
    "UP":              "\uE013",
    "ARROW_UP":        "\uE013",
    "RIGHT":           "\uE014",
    "ARROW_RIGHT":     "\uE014",
    "DOWN":            "\uE015",
    "ARROW_DOWN":      "\uE015",
    "INSERT":          "\uE016",
    "DELETE":          "\uE017",
    "SEMICOLON":       "\uE018",
    "EQUALS":          "\uE019",
    "NUMPAD0":         "\uE01A",
    "NUMPAD1":         "\uE01B",
    "NUMPAD2":         "\uE01C",
    "NUMPAD3":         "\uE01D",
    "NUMPAD4":         "\uE01E",
    "NUMPAD5":         "\uE01F",
    "NUMPAD6":         "\uE020",
    "NUMPAD7":         "\uE021",
    "NUMPAD8":         "\uE022",
    "NUMPAD9":         "\uE023",
    "MULTIPLY":        "\uE024",
    "ADD":             "\uE025",
    "SEPARATOR":       "\uE026",
    "SUBTRACT":        "\uE027",
    "DECIMAL":         "\uE028",
    "DIVIDE":          "\uE029",
    "F1":              "\uE031",
    "F2":              "\uE032",
    "F3":              "\uE033",
    "F4":              "\uE034",
    "F5":              "\uE035",
    "F6":              "\uE036",
    "F7":              "\uE037",
    "F8":              "\uE038",
    "F9":              "\uE039",
    "F10":             "\uE03A",
    "F11":             "\uE03B",
    "F12":             "\uE03C",
    "META":            "\uE03D",
    "COMMAND":         "\uE03D",
    "ZENKAKU_HANKAKU": "\uE040",

Keys map returning key code by its name

func New Uses

func New() venom.Executor

New returns a new Executor

type Action Uses

type Action struct {
    Click           *Click       `yaml:"click,omitempty"`
    Fill            []Fill       `yaml:"fill,omitempty"`
    Find            string       `yaml:"find,omitempty"`
    Navigate        *Navigate    `yaml:"navigate,omitempty"`
    Wait            int64        `yaml:"wait,omitempty"`
    ConfirmPopup    bool         `yaml:"confirmPopup,omitempty"`
    CancelPopup     bool         `yaml:"cancelPopup,omitempty"`
    Select          *Select      `yaml:"select,omitempty"`
    UploadFile      *UploadFile  `yaml:"uploadFile,omitempty"`
    SelectFrame     *SelectFrame `yaml:"selectFrame,omitempty"`
    SelectRootFrame bool         `yaml:"selectRootFrame,omitempty"`
    NextWindow      bool         `yaml:"nextWindow,omitempty"`
    HistoryAction   string       `yaml:"historyAction,omitempy"`

Action represents what can be done with web executor

type Click Uses

type Click struct {
    Find string `yaml:"find,omitempty"`
    Wait int64  `yaml:"wait"`

Click represents informations needed to click on web components

type Executor Uses

type Executor struct {
    Action     Action `json:"action,omitempty" yaml:"action"`
    Screenshot string `json:"screenshot,omitempty" yaml:"screenshot"`

Executor struct

func (Executor) Run Uses

func (Executor) Run(testCaseContext venom.TestCaseContext, l venom.Logger, step venom.TestStep, workdir string) (venom.ExecutorResult, error)

Run execute TestStep

func (Executor) ZeroValueResult Uses

func (Executor) ZeroValueResult() venom.ExecutorResult

ZeroValueResult return an empty implemtation of this executor result

type Fill Uses

type Fill struct {
    Find string  `yaml:"find,omitempty"`
    Text string  `yaml:"text,omitempty"`
    Key  *string `yaml:"key,omitempty"`

Fill represents informations needed to fill input/textarea

type Navigate struct {
    Url   string `yaml:"url,omitempty"`
    Reset bool   `yaml:"reset,omitempty"`

Navigate represents informations needed to navigate on defined url

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    Executor    Executor `json:"executor,omitempty" yaml:"executor,omitempty"`
    Find        int      `json:"find,omitempty" yaml:"find,omitempty"`
    HTML        string   `json:"html,omitempty" yaml:"html,omitempty"`
    TimeSeconds float64  `json:"timeseconds,omitempty" yaml:"timeseconds,omitempty"`
    TimeHuman   string   `json:"timehuman,omitempty" yaml:"timehuman,omitempty"`
    Title       string   `json:"title,omitempty" yaml:"title,omitempty"`
    URL         string   `json:"url,omitempty" yaml:"url,omitempty"`
    Text        string   `json:"text,omitempty" yaml:"text,omitempty"`
    Value       string   `json:"value,omitempty" yaml:"value,omitempty"`

Result represents a step result

type Select Uses

type Select struct {
    Find string `yaml:"find,omitempty"`
    Text string `yaml:"text,omitempty"`
    Wait int64  `yaml:"wait,omitempty"`

Select represents informations needed to select an option

type SelectFrame Uses

type SelectFrame struct {
    Find string `yaml:"find,omitempty"`

SelectFrame represents informations needed to select the frame

type UploadFile Uses

type UploadFile struct {
    Find  string   `yaml:"find,omitempty"`
    Files []string `yaml:"files,omitempty"`
    Wait  int64    `yaml:"wait,omitempty"`

UploadFile represents informations needed to upload files

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