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package discovery

import ""


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discovery.go etcd_client.go


var ErrCancelled = fmt.Errorf("pachyderm: cancelled by user")

ErrCancelled is returned when an action is cancelled by the user

type Client Uses

type Client interface {
    // Close closes the underlying connection.
    Close() error
    // Get gets the value of a key
    // Keys can be directories of the form a/b/c, see etcd for details.
    // the error will be non-nil if the key does not exist.
    Get(key string) (string, error)
    // GetAll returns all of the keys in a directory and its subdirectories as
    // a map from absolute keys to values.
    // the map will be empty if no keys are found.
    GetAll(key string) (map[string]string, error)
    // WatchAll calls callBack with changes to a directory
    WatchAll(key string, cancel chan bool, callBack func(map[string]string) error) error
    // Set sets the value for a key.
    // ttl is in seconds.
    Set(key string, value string, ttl uint64) error
    // Delete deletes a key.
    Delete(key string) error
    // Create is like Set but only succeeds if the key doesn't already exist.
    // ttl is in seconds.
    Create(key string, value string, ttl uint64) error
    // CheckAndSet is like Set but only succeeds if the key is already set to oldValue.
    // ttl is in seconds.
    CheckAndSet(key string, value string, ttl uint64, oldValue string) error

Client defines Pachyderm's interface to key-value stores such as etcd.

func NewEtcdClient Uses

func NewEtcdClient(addresses ...string) Client

NewEtcdClient creates an etcdClient with the given addresses.

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