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package server

import ""


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api_server.go config.go saml.go


const (
    // DisableAuthenticationEnvVar specifies an environment variable that, if set, causes
    // Pachyderm authentication to ignore github and authmatically generate a
    // pachyderm token for any username in the AuthenticateRequest.GitHubToken field

    // SamlPort is the port where SAML ID Providers can send auth assertions
    SamlPort = 654

func GitHubTokenToUsername Uses

func GitHubTokenToUsername(ctx context.Context, oauthToken string) (string, error)

GitHubTokenToUsername takes a OAuth access token issued by GitHub and uses it discover the username of the user who obtained the code (or verify that the code belongs to githubUsername). This is how Pachyderm currently implements authorization in a production cluster

type APIServer Uses

type APIServer interface {

APIServer represents an auth api server

func NewAuthServer Uses

func NewAuthServer(
    env *serviceenv.ServiceEnv,
    txnEnv *txnenv.TransactionEnv,
    etcdPrefix string,
    public bool,
) (APIServer, error)

NewAuthServer returns an implementation of auth.APIServer.

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