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package fuse

import ""


Package Files

files.go files_linux.go fuse.go loopback.go loopback_linux.go loopback_unix.go options.go


const (
    // GETLK is constant for F_OFD_GETLK
    GETLK = 36
    // SETLK is constant for F_OFD_SETLK
    SETLK = 37
    // SETLKW is constant for F_OFD_SETLKW
    SETLKW = 38

func Mount Uses

func Mount(c *client.APIClient, target string, opts *Options) (retErr error)

Mount pfs to target, opts may be left nil.

func NewLoopbackFile Uses

func NewLoopbackFile(fd int) fs.FileHandle

NewLoopbackFile creates a FileHandle out of a file descriptor. All operations are implemented.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    Fuse *fs.Options

    // Write indicates that the pfs mount should allow writes.
    // Writes will be written back to the filesystem.
    Write bool

    // RepoOptions is a map from repo names to options associated with them.
    RepoOptions map[string]*RepoOptions

    // Unmount is a channel that will be closed when the filesystem has been
    // unmounted. It can be nil in which case it's ignored.
    Unmount chan struct{}

Options is for configuring fuse mounts. Any of the fields may be left nil and `nil` itself is a valid set of Options which uses the default for everything.

type RepoOptions Uses

type RepoOptions struct {
    // Branch is the branch of the repo to mount
    Branch string
    // Write indicates that the repo should be mounted for writing.
    Write bool

RepoOptions are the options associated with a mounted repo.

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