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package ppsconsts

import ""

Package ppsconsts constains constants relevant to PPS that are used across Pachyderm. In particular, the pipeline spec repo is handled specially by PFS and Auth, and those implementations need to refer to its name without depending on any other part of PPS. This package contains that and related constants as a minimal dependency for PFS and auth


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const (
    // SpecRepo contains every pipeline's PipelineInfo (in its own branch)
    SpecRepo = "__spec__"

    // SpecRepoDesc is the description applied to the spec repo.
    SpecRepoDesc = "PPS pipeline specs repo."

    // SpecFile is the file in every SpecRepo commit containing the PipelineInfo
    SpecFile = "spec"

    // PPSTokenKey is a key (in etcd) that maps to PPS's auth token.
    // This is the token that PPS uses to authorize spec writes.
    PPSTokenKey = "master_token"

    // SpoutMarkerBranch is the branch that spouts use for keeping track of spout marker files
    SpoutMarkerBranch = "marker"

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