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package ppsdb

import ""

Package ppsdb contains the database schema that PPS uses.


Package Files



var (
    // JobsPipelineIndex maps pipeline to jobs started by the pipeline
    JobsPipelineIndex = &col.Index{Field: "Pipeline", Multi: false}

    // JobsInputIndex maps job inputs (repos + pipeline version) to output
    // commit. This is how we know if we need to start a job.
    JobsInputIndex = &col.Index{Field: "Input", Multi: false}

    // JobsOutputIndex maps job outputs to the job that create them.
    JobsOutputIndex = &col.Index{Field: "OutputCommit", Multi: false}

func Jobs Uses

func Jobs(etcdClient *etcd.Client, etcdPrefix string) col.Collection

Jobs returns a Collection of jobs

func Pipelines Uses

func Pipelines(etcdClient *etcd.Client, etcdPrefix string) col.Collection

Pipelines returns a Collection of pipelines

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