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package pps

import ""


Package Files

hash.go pps.go

func IsJobFinishedErr Uses

func IsJobFinishedErr(err error) bool

IsJobFinishedErr returns true if 'err' has an error message that matches ErrJobFinished

type ErrJobFinished Uses

type ErrJobFinished struct {
    Job *pps.Job

ErrJobFinished represents a finished job error.

func (ErrJobFinished) Error Uses

func (e ErrJobFinished) Error() string

type Hasher Uses

type Hasher struct {
    JobModulus      uint64
    PipelineModulus uint64

A Hasher represents a job/pipeline hasher.

func NewHasher Uses

func NewHasher(jobModulus uint64, pipelineModulus uint64) *Hasher

NewHasher creates a hasher.

func (*Hasher) HashJob Uses

func (s *Hasher) HashJob(jobID string) uint64

HashJob computes and returns the hash of a job.

func (*Hasher) HashPipeline Uses

func (s *Hasher) HashPipeline(pipelineName string) uint64

HashPipeline computes and returns the hash of a pipeline.


server/githookPackage githook adds support for git-based sources in pipeline specs.

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