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package pretty

import ""


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const (
    // PipelineHeader is the header for pipelines.
    PipelineHeader = "NAME\tVERSION\tINPUT\tCREATED\tSTATE / LAST JOB\t\n"
    // JobHeader is the header for jobs
    // DatumHeader is the header for datums
    DatumHeader = "ID\tSTATUS\tTIME\t\n"

func PrintDatumInfo Uses

func PrintDatumInfo(w io.Writer, datumInfo *ppsclient.DatumInfo)

PrintDatumInfo pretty-prints file info. If recurse is false and directory size is 0, display "-" instead If fast is true and file size is 0, display "-" instead

func PrintDetailedDatumInfo Uses

func PrintDetailedDatumInfo(w io.Writer, datumInfo *ppsclient.DatumInfo)

PrintDetailedDatumInfo pretty-prints detailed info about a datum

func PrintDetailedJobInfo Uses

func PrintDetailedJobInfo(jobInfo *PrintableJobInfo) error

PrintDetailedJobInfo pretty-prints detailed job info.

func PrintDetailedPipelineInfo Uses

func PrintDetailedPipelineInfo(pipelineInfo *PrintablePipelineInfo) error

PrintDetailedPipelineInfo pretty-prints detailed pipeline info.

func PrintFile Uses

func PrintFile(w io.Writer, file *pfsclient.File)

PrintFile values for a pfs file.

func PrintFileHeader Uses

func PrintFileHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintFileHeader prints the header for a pfs file.

func PrintJobInfo Uses

func PrintJobInfo(w io.Writer, jobInfo *ppsclient.JobInfo, fullTimestamps bool)

PrintJobInfo pretty-prints job info.

func PrintPipelineInfo Uses

func PrintPipelineInfo(w io.Writer, pipelineInfo *ppsclient.PipelineInfo, fullTimestamps bool)

PrintPipelineInfo pretty-prints pipeline info.

func PrintWorkerStatus Uses

func PrintWorkerStatus(w io.Writer, workerStatus *ppsclient.WorkerStatus, fullTimestamps bool)

PrintWorkerStatus pretty prints a worker status.

func PrintWorkerStatusHeader Uses

func PrintWorkerStatusHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintWorkerStatusHeader pretty prints a worker status header.

func ShorthandInput Uses

func ShorthandInput(input *ppsclient.Input) string

ShorthandInput renders a pps.Input as a short, readable string

type PrintableJobInfo Uses

type PrintableJobInfo struct {
    FullTimestamps bool

PrintableJobInfo is a wrapper around JobInfo containing any formatting options used within the template to conditionally print information.

func NewPrintableJobInfo Uses

func NewPrintableJobInfo(ji *ppsclient.JobInfo) *PrintableJobInfo

NewPrintableJobInfo constructs a PrintableJobInfo from just a JobInfo.

type PrintablePipelineInfo Uses

type PrintablePipelineInfo struct {
    FullTimestamps bool

PrintablePipelineInfo is a wrapper around PipelinInfo containing any formatting options used within the template to conditionally print information.

func NewPrintablePipelineInfo Uses

func NewPrintablePipelineInfo(pi *ppsclient.PipelineInfo) *PrintablePipelineInfo

NewPrintablePipelineInfo constructs a PrintablePipelineInfo from just a PipelineInfo.

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