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package server

import ""


Package Files

api_server.go master.go pipeline_controller.go s3g_sidecar.go server.go worker_rc.go


const (
    // DefaultUserImage is the image used for jobs when the user does not specify
    // an image.
    DefaultUserImage = "ubuntu:16.04"
    // DefaultDatumTries is the default number of times a datum will be tried
    // before we give up and consider the job failed.
    DefaultDatumTries = 3

func RepoNameToEnvString Uses

func RepoNameToEnvString(repoName string) string

RepoNameToEnvString is a helper which uppercases a repo name for use in environment variable names.

type APIServer Uses

type APIServer interface {

APIServer represents a PPS API server

func NewAPIServer Uses

func NewAPIServer(
    env *serviceenv.ServiceEnv,
    txnEnv *txnenv.TransactionEnv,
    etcdPrefix string,
    namespace string,
    workerImage string,
    workerSidecarImage string,
    workerImagePullPolicy string,
    storageRoot string,
    storageBackend string,
    storageHostPath string,
    iamRole string,
    imagePullSecret string,
    noExposeDockerSocket bool,
    reporter *metrics.Reporter,
    workerUsesRoot bool,
    workerGrpcPort uint16,
    port uint16,
    httpPort uint16,
    peerPort uint16,
    gcPercent int,
) (APIServer, error)

NewAPIServer creates an APIServer.

func NewSidecarAPIServer Uses

func NewSidecarAPIServer(
    env *serviceenv.ServiceEnv,
    txnEnv *txnenv.TransactionEnv,
    etcdPrefix string,
    namespace string,
    iamRole string,
    reporter *metrics.Reporter,
    workerGrpcPort uint16,
    httpPort uint16,
    peerPort uint16,
) (APIServer, error)

NewSidecarAPIServer creates an APIServer that has limited functionalities and is meant to be run as a worker sidecar. It cannot, for instance, create pipelines.

type ActiveStat Uses

type ActiveStat struct {
    Objects  *bloom.BloomFilter
    NObjects int
    Tags     *bloom.BloomFilter
    NTags    int

ActiveStat contains stats about the object objects and tags in the filesystem. It is returned by CollectActiveObjectsAndTags.

func CollectActiveObjectsAndTags Uses

func CollectActiveObjectsAndTags(ctx context.Context, pachClient *client.APIClient, repoInfos []*pfs.RepoInfo, pipelineInfos []*pps.PipelineInfo, memoryAllowance int, storageRoot string) (*ActiveStat, error)

CollectActiveObjectsAndTags collects all objects/tags that are not deleted or eligible for garbage collection


githookPackage githook adds support for git-based sources in pipeline specs.

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