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package githook

import ""

Package githook adds support for git-based sources in pipeline specs. It does so by exposing an HTTP server that listens for webhook requests. This works with github's webhook API, and anything else API-compatible with their push events.


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const GitHookPort = 999

GitHookPort specifies the port the server will listen on

func ExternalPort Uses

func ExternalPort() int32

ExternalPort provides the port used to access the service via a load balancer

func NodePort Uses

func NodePort() int32

NodePort provides the port used to access the service via a node

func RunGitHookServer Uses

func RunGitHookServer(address string, etcdAddress string, etcdPrefix string) error

RunGitHookServer starts the webhook server

func URLFromDomain Uses

func URLFromDomain(domain string) string

URLFromDomain provides the webhook URL given an input domain

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