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package xvideos

import "github.com/pdevty/xvideos"

This package scrapes the HTML of xvideos.com and gives you information you can use in your go programs

Refer to http://github.com/pdevty/xvideos for more infomation

package main

import (

func main() {
  // url to be set xvideos list page
  xv, err := xvideos.Get("http://jp.xvideos.com/c/asian_woman-32/")
  if err != nil {
  for _, v := range xv {
    fmt.Println(v.Id, v.Url, v.Duration, v.Rating, v.Thumbnail, v.Title, v.Tags)


Package Files


type Xvideo Uses

type Xvideo struct {
    Id        string
    Title     string
    Thumbnail string
    Url       string
    Duration  string
    Rating    string
    Tags      []string

get func return xvideo data struct

func Get Uses

func Get(rawurl string) (xvideos []Xvideo, err error)

get xvideos information. url to be set xvideos list page

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