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package validate

import "github.com/pdfcpu/pdfcpu/pkg/pdfcpu/validate"

Package validate implements validation against PDF 32000-1:2008.


Package Files

acroForm.go action.go annotations.go colorspace.go date.go destination.go extGState.go fileSpec.go font.go function.go info.go media.go nameTree.go numberTree.go objects.go optionalContent.go outlineTree.go pages.go pattern.go properties.go shading.go structTree.go thread.go xObject.go xReftable.go


const (

    // REQUIRED is used for required dict entries.
    REQUIRED = true

    // OPTIONAL is used for optional dict entries.
    OPTIONAL = false
const (

    // ExcludePatternCS ...
    ExcludePatternCS = true

    // IncludePatternCS ...
    IncludePatternCS = false

func Date Uses

func Date(s string) bool

Date validates an ISO/IEC 8824 compliant date string.

func DocumentProperty Uses

func DocumentProperty(s string) bool

DocumentProperty ensures a valid property name.

func XRefTable Uses

func XRefTable(xRefTable *pdf.XRefTable) error

XRefTable validates a PDF cross reference table obeying the validation mode.

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