internal/apiThis package contains the PhotoPrism REST api.
internal/classifyThis package encapsulates image classification using TensorFlow
internal/colorsThis package encapsulates session storage.
internal/commandsPackage commands contains commands and flags used by the photoprism application.
internal/configPackage config contains CLI config related config functionality.
internal/entityPackage entity contains models for data storage based on GORM.
internal/formPackage form contains tagged structs for input value validation.
internal/mapsCode generated by go generate; DO NOT EDIT.
internal/maps/osmThis package encapsulates the OpenStreetMap API.
internal/maps/placesThis package encapsulates the PhotoPrism Places API.
internal/metaThis package encapsulates image metadata decoding and conversion to/from XMP and Exif.
internal/photoprismThis package contains PhotoPrism core functionality.
internal/queryThis package contains PhotoPrism database queries.
internal/remotePackage service implements a remote service abstraction.
internal/remote/webdavPackage entity implementing sharing with WebDAV servers.
internal/serverPackage server contains REST server routes and configuration.
internal/service/webdavPackage entity implementing sharing with WebDAV servers.
internal/sessionThis package encapsulates session storage.
internal/thumbThis package encapsulates JPEG thumbnail generation.
pkg/capturePackage capture provides profiling functions for testing and debugging.
pkg/colorsPackage colors provides types and functions for color classification.
pkg/fastwalkPackage fastwalk provides a faster version of filepath.Walk for file system scanning tools.
pkg/fsPackage fs provides filesystem related constants and functions.
pkg/rndPackage rnd provides random token functions.
pkg/s2Package s2 encapsulates Google's S2 library.
pkg/txtCode generated by go generate; DO NOT EDIT.

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