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package creator

import "github.com/pieterclaerhout/go-james/internal/creator"


Package Files

creator.go git_ignore.go license.go readme.go source_files.go vscode.go vscode_launch_config.go vscode_task.go

type Creator Uses

type Creator struct {

    Mode          Mode
    Path          string
    Package       string
    Name          string
    Description   string
    Copyright     string
    Overwrite     bool
    CreateGitRepo bool

Creator implements the "init" and "new" commands

func (Creator) Execute Uses

func (creator Creator) Execute(project common.Project, cfg config.Config) error

Execute executes the command

func (Creator) RequiresBuild Uses

func (creator Creator) RequiresBuild() bool

RequiresBuild indicates if a build is required before running the command

type Mode Uses

type Mode int

Mode is used to define the mode in which we run (init or new)

const (
    // InitProject initializes a project in an existing directory
    InitProject Mode = iota + 1

    // NewProject creates a new project in the given path

func (Mode) String Uses

func (c Mode) String() string

String translates the creator mode to a string

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