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package privilege

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/privilege"


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func BindPrivilegeManager Uses

func BindPrivilegeManager(ctx sessionctx.Context, pc Manager)

BindPrivilegeManager binds Manager to context.

type Manager Uses

type Manager interface {
    // ShowGrants shows granted privileges for user.
    ShowGrants(ctx sessionctx.Context, user *auth.UserIdentity, roles []*auth.RoleIdentity) ([]string, error)

    // GetEncodedPassword shows the encoded password for user.
    GetEncodedPassword(user, host string) string

    // RequestVerification verifies user privilege for the request.
    // If table is "", only check global/db scope privileges.
    // If table is not "", check global/db/table scope privileges.
    // priv should be a defined constant like CreatePriv, if pass AllPrivMask to priv,
    // this means any privilege would be OK.
    RequestVerification(activeRole []*auth.RoleIdentity, db, table, column string, priv mysql.PrivilegeType) bool

    // RequestVerificationWithUser verifies specific user privilege for the request.
    RequestVerificationWithUser(db, table, column string, priv mysql.PrivilegeType, user *auth.UserIdentity) bool

    // ConnectionVerification verifies user privilege for connection.
    ConnectionVerification(user, host string, auth, salt []byte, tlsState *tls.ConnectionState) (string, string, bool)

    // GetAuthWithoutVerification uses to get auth name without verification.
    GetAuthWithoutVerification(user, host string) (string, string, bool)

    // DBIsVisible returns true is the database is visible to current user.
    DBIsVisible(activeRole []*auth.RoleIdentity, db string) bool

    // UserPrivilegesTable provide data for INFORMATION_SCHEMA.USERS_PRIVILEGE table.
    UserPrivilegesTable() [][]types.Datum

    // ActiveRoles active roles for current session.
    // The first illegal role will be returned.
    ActiveRoles(ctx sessionctx.Context, roleList []*auth.RoleIdentity) (bool, string)

    // FindEdge find if there is an edge between role and user.
    FindEdge(ctx sessionctx.Context, role *auth.RoleIdentity, user *auth.UserIdentity) bool

    // GetDefaultRoles returns all default roles for certain user.
    GetDefaultRoles(user, host string) []*auth.RoleIdentity

    // GetAllRoles return all roles of user.
    GetAllRoles(user, host string) []*auth.RoleIdentity

Manager is the interface for providing privilege related operations.

func GetPrivilegeManager Uses

func GetPrivilegeManager(ctx sessionctx.Context) Manager

GetPrivilegeManager gets Checker from context.



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