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package binloginfo

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/sessionctx/binloginfo"


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func AddSpecialComment Uses

func AddSpecialComment(ddlQuery string) string

AddSpecialComment uses to add comment for table option in DDL query. Export for testing.

func DisableSkipBinlogFlag Uses

func DisableSkipBinlogFlag()

DisableSkipBinlogFlag disable the skipBinlog flag.

func GetPrewriteValue Uses

func GetPrewriteValue(ctx sessionctx.Context, createIfNotExists bool) *binlog.PrewriteValue

GetPrewriteValue gets binlog prewrite value in the context.

func GetPumpsClient Uses

func GetPumpsClient() *pumpcli.PumpsClient

GetPumpsClient gets the pumps client instance.

func MockPumpsClient Uses

func MockPumpsClient(client binlog.PumpClient) *pumpcli.PumpsClient

MockPumpsClient creates a PumpsClient, used for test.

func SetDDLBinlog Uses

func SetDDLBinlog(client *pumpcli.PumpsClient, txn kv.Transaction, jobID int64, ddlQuery string)

SetDDLBinlog sets DDL binlog in the kv.Transaction.

func SetIgnoreError Uses

func SetIgnoreError(on bool)

SetIgnoreError sets the ignoreError flag, this function called when TiDB start up and find config.Binlog.IgnoreError is true.

func SetPumpsClient Uses

func SetPumpsClient(client *pumpcli.PumpsClient)

SetPumpsClient sets the pumps client instance.

type BinlogInfo Uses

type BinlogInfo struct {
    Data   *binlog.Binlog
    Client *pumpcli.PumpsClient

BinlogInfo contains binlog data and binlog client.

func (*BinlogInfo) WriteBinlog Uses

func (info *BinlogInfo) WriteBinlog(clusterID uint64) error

WriteBinlog writes a binlog to Pump.

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