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package helper

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/store/helper"


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type FrameItem Uses

type FrameItem struct {
    DBName      string   `json:"db_name"`
    TableName   string   `json:"table_name"`
    TableID     int64    `json:"table_id"`
    IsRecord    bool     `json:"is_record"`
    RecordID    int64    `json:"record_id,omitempty"`
    IndexName   string   `json:"index_name,omitempty"`
    IndexID     int64    `json:"index_id,omitempty"`
    IndexValues []string `json:"index_values,omitempty"`

FrameItem includes a index's or record's meta data with table's info.

func NewFrameItemFromRegionKey Uses

func NewFrameItemFromRegionKey(key []byte) (frame *FrameItem, err error)

NewFrameItemFromRegionKey creates a FrameItem with region's startKey or endKey, returns err when key is illegal.

type Helper Uses

type Helper struct {
    Store       tikv.Storage
    RegionCache *tikv.RegionCache

Helper is a middleware to get some information from tikv/pd. It can be used for TiDB's http api or mem table.

func NewHelper Uses

func NewHelper(store tikv.Storage) *Helper

NewHelper get a Helper from Storage

func (*Helper) FetchHotRegion Uses

func (h *Helper) FetchHotRegion(rw string) (map[uint64]RegionMetric, error)

FetchHotRegion fetches the hot region information from PD's http api.

func (*Helper) FetchRegionTableIndex Uses

func (h *Helper) FetchRegionTableIndex(metrics map[uint64]RegionMetric, allSchemas []*model.DBInfo) ([]HotTableIndex, error)

FetchRegionTableIndex constructs a map that maps a table to its hot region information by the given raw hot RegionMetric metrics.

func (*Helper) FindTableIndexOfRegion Uses

func (h *Helper) FindTableIndexOfRegion(allSchemas []*model.DBInfo, hotRange *RegionFrameRange) *FrameItem

FindTableIndexOfRegion finds what table is involved in this hot region. And constructs the new frame item for future use.

func (*Helper) GetMvccByEncodedKey Uses

func (h *Helper) GetMvccByEncodedKey(encodedKey kv.Key) (*kvrpcpb.MvccGetByKeyResponse, error)

GetMvccByEncodedKey get the MVCC value by the specific encoded key.

func (*Helper) GetRegionInfoByID Uses

func (h *Helper) GetRegionInfoByID(regionID uint64) (*RegionInfo, error)

GetRegionInfoByID gets the region information of the region ID by using PD's api.

func (*Helper) GetRegionsInfo Uses

func (h *Helper) GetRegionsInfo() (*RegionsInfo, error)

GetRegionsInfo gets the region information of current store by using PD's api.

func (*Helper) GetRegionsTableInfo Uses

func (h *Helper) GetRegionsTableInfo(regionsInfo *RegionsInfo, schemas []*model.DBInfo) map[int64][]TableInfo

GetRegionsTableInfo returns a map maps region id to its tables or indices. Assuming tables or indices key ranges never intersect. Regions key ranges can intersect.

func (*Helper) GetStoresStat Uses

func (h *Helper) GetStoresStat() (*StoresStat, error)

GetStoresStat gets the TiKV store information by accessing PD's api.

func (*Helper) ScrapeHotInfo Uses

func (h *Helper) ScrapeHotInfo(rw string, allSchemas []*model.DBInfo) ([]HotTableIndex, error)

ScrapeHotInfo gets the needed hot region information by the url given.

type HotRegionsStat Uses

type HotRegionsStat struct {
    RegionsStat []RegionStat `json:"statistics"`

HotRegionsStat records echo store's hot region. it's the response of PD.

type HotTableIndex Uses

type HotTableIndex struct {
    RegionID     uint64        `json:"region_id"`
    RegionMetric *RegionMetric `json:"region_metric"`
    DbName       string        `json:"db_name"`
    TableName    string        `json:"table_name"`
    TableID      int64         `json:"table_id"`
    IndexName    string        `json:"index_name"`
    IndexID      int64         `json:"index_id"`

HotTableIndex contains region and its table/index info.

type RegionEpoch Uses

type RegionEpoch struct {
    ConfVer int64 `json:"conf_ver"`
    Version int64 `json:"version"`

RegionEpoch stores the information about its epoch.

type RegionFrameRange Uses

type RegionFrameRange struct {
    First *FrameItem // start frame of the region
    Last  *FrameItem // end frame of the region
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RegionFrameRange contains a frame range info which the region covered.

func NewRegionFrameRange Uses

func NewRegionFrameRange(region *tikv.KeyLocation) (idxRange *RegionFrameRange, err error)

NewRegionFrameRange init a NewRegionFrameRange with region info.

func (*RegionFrameRange) GetIndexFrame Uses

func (r *RegionFrameRange) GetIndexFrame(tableID, indexID int64, dbName, tableName, indexName string) *FrameItem

GetIndexFrame returns the indnex frame of a table. If the table's indices are not covered by this frame range, it returns nil.

func (*RegionFrameRange) GetRecordFrame Uses

func (r *RegionFrameRange) GetRecordFrame(tableID int64, dbName, tableName string) *FrameItem

GetRecordFrame returns the record frame of a table. If the table's records are not covered by this frame range, it returns nil.

type RegionInfo Uses

type RegionInfo struct {
    ID              int64            `json:"id"`
    StartKey        string           `json:"start_key"`
    EndKey          string           `json:"end_key"`
    Epoch           RegionEpoch      `json:"epoch"`
    Peers           []RegionPeer     `json:"peers"`
    Leader          RegionPeer       `json:"leader"`
    DownPeers       []RegionPeerStat `json:"down_peers"`
    PendingPeers    []RegionPeer     `json:"pending_peers"`
    WrittenBytes    int64            `json:"written_bytes"`
    ReadBytes       int64            `json:"read_bytes"`
    ApproximateSize int64            `json:"approximate_size"`
    ApproximateKeys int64            `json:"approximate_keys"`

RegionInfo stores the information of one region.

type RegionMetric Uses

type RegionMetric struct {
    FlowBytes    uint64 `json:"flow_bytes"`
    MaxHotDegree int    `json:"max_hot_degree"`
    Count        int    `json:"region_count"`

RegionMetric presents the final metric output entry.

type RegionPeer Uses

type RegionPeer struct {
    ID        int64 `json:"id"`
    StoreID   int64 `json:"store_id"`
    IsLearner bool  `json:"is_learner"`

RegionPeer stores information of one peer.

type RegionPeerStat Uses

type RegionPeerStat struct {
    DownSec int64 `json:"down_seconds"`

RegionPeerStat stores one field `DownSec` which indicates how long it's down than `RegionPeer`.

type RegionStat Uses

type RegionStat struct {
    RegionID  uint64 `json:"region_id"`
    FlowBytes uint64 `json:"flow_bytes"`
    HotDegree int    `json:"hot_degree"`

RegionStat records each hot region's statistics it's the response of PD.

type RegionsInfo Uses

type RegionsInfo struct {
    Count   int64        `json:"count"`
    Regions []RegionInfo `json:"regions"`

RegionsInfo stores the information of regions.

type StoreBaseStat Uses

type StoreBaseStat struct {
    ID        int64        `json:"id"`
    Address   string       `json:"address"`
    State     int64        `json:"state"`
    StateName string       `json:"state_name"`
    Version   string       `json:"version"`
    Labels    []StoreLabel `json:"labels"`

StoreBaseStat stores the basic information of one store.

type StoreDetailStat Uses

type StoreDetailStat struct {
    Capacity        string    `json:"capacity"`
    Available       string    `json:"available"`
    LeaderCount     int64     `json:"leader_count"`
    LeaderWeight    float64   `json:"leader_weight"`
    LeaderScore     float64   `json:"leader_score"`
    LeaderSize      int64     `json:"leader_size"`
    RegionCount     int64     `json:"region_count"`
    RegionWeight    float64   `json:"region_weight"`
    RegionScore     float64   `json:"region_score"`
    RegionSize      int64     `json:"region_size"`
    StartTs         time.Time `json:"start_ts"`
    LastHeartbeatTs time.Time `json:"last_heartbeat_ts"`
    Uptime          string    `json:"uptime"`

StoreDetailStat stores the detail information of one store.

type StoreHotRegionInfos Uses

type StoreHotRegionInfos struct {
    AsPeer   map[uint64]*HotRegionsStat `json:"as_peer"`
    AsLeader map[uint64]*HotRegionsStat `json:"as_leader"`

StoreHotRegionInfos records all hog region stores. it's the response of PD.

type StoreLabel Uses

type StoreLabel struct {
    Key   string `json:"key"`
    Value string `json:"value"`

StoreLabel stores the information of one store label.

type StoreStat Uses

type StoreStat struct {
    Store  StoreBaseStat   `json:"store"`
    Status StoreDetailStat `json:"status"`

StoreStat stores information of one store.

type StoresStat Uses

type StoresStat struct {
    Count  int         `json:"count"`
    Stores []StoreStat `json:"stores"`

StoresStat stores all information get from PD's api.

type TableInfo Uses

type TableInfo struct {
    DB      *model.DBInfo
    Table   *model.TableInfo
    IsIndex bool
    Index   *model.IndexInfo

TableInfo stores the information of a table or an index

type TblIndex Uses

type TblIndex struct {
    DbName    string
    TableName string
    TableID   int64
    IndexName string
    IndexID   int64

TblIndex stores the things to index one table.

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