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package oracle

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/store/tikv/oracle"


Package Files


func ComposeTS Uses

func ComposeTS(physical, logical int64) uint64

ComposeTS creates a ts from physical and logical parts.

func EncodeTSO Uses

func EncodeTSO(ts int64) uint64

EncodeTSO encodes a millisecond into tso.

func ExtractPhysical Uses

func ExtractPhysical(ts uint64) int64

ExtractPhysical returns a ts's physical part.

func GetPhysical Uses

func GetPhysical(t time.Time) int64

GetPhysical returns physical from an instant time with millisecond precision.

func GetTimeFromTS Uses

func GetTimeFromTS(ts uint64) time.Time

GetTimeFromTS extracts time.Time from a timestamp.

type Future Uses

type Future interface {
    Wait() (uint64, error)

Future is a future which promises to return a timestamp.

type Oracle Uses

type Oracle interface {
    GetTimestamp(ctx context.Context) (uint64, error)
    GetTimestampAsync(ctx context.Context) Future
    GetLowResolutionTimestamp(ctx context.Context) (uint64, error)
    GetLowResolutionTimestampAsync(ctx context.Context) Future
    IsExpired(lockTimestamp uint64, TTL uint64) bool
    UntilExpired(lockTimeStamp uint64, TTL uint64) int64

Oracle is the interface that provides strictly ascending timestamps.



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