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package dbterror

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/util/dbterror"


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var (
    ClassAutoid     = ErrClass{terror.ClassAutoid}
    ClassDDL        = ErrClass{terror.ClassDDL}
    ClassDomain     = ErrClass{terror.ClassDomain}
    ClassExecutor   = ErrClass{terror.ClassExecutor}
    ClassExpression = ErrClass{terror.ClassExpression}
    ClassAdmin      = ErrClass{terror.ClassAdmin}
    ClassKV         = ErrClass{terror.ClassKV}
    ClassMeta       = ErrClass{terror.ClassMeta}
    ClassOptimizer  = ErrClass{terror.ClassOptimizer}
    ClassPrivilege  = ErrClass{terror.ClassPrivilege}
    ClassSchema     = ErrClass{terror.ClassSchema}
    ClassServer     = ErrClass{terror.ClassServer}
    ClassStructure  = ErrClass{terror.ClassStructure}
    ClassVariable   = ErrClass{terror.ClassVariable}
    ClassXEval      = ErrClass{terror.ClassXEval}
    ClassTable      = ErrClass{terror.ClassTable}
    ClassTypes      = ErrClass{terror.ClassTypes}
    ClassJSON       = ErrClass{terror.ClassJSON}
    ClassTiKV       = ErrClass{terror.ClassTiKV}
    ClassSession    = ErrClass{terror.ClassSession}
    ClassPlugin     = ErrClass{terror.ClassPlugin}
    ClassUtil       = ErrClass{terror.ClassUtil}

Error classes.

type ErrClass Uses

type ErrClass struct{ terror.ErrClass }

ErrClass represents a class of errors.

func (ErrClass) NewStd Uses

func (ec ErrClass) NewStd(code terror.ErrCode) *terror.Error

NewStd calls New using the standard message for the error code Attention: this method is not goroutine-safe and usually be used in global variable initializer

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