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package stmtsummary

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/util/stmtsummary"


Package Files

statement_summary.go variables.go


var StmtSummaryByDigestMap = newStmtSummaryByDigestMap()

StmtSummaryByDigestMap is a global map containing all statement summaries.

type StmtExecInfo Uses

type StmtExecInfo struct {
    SchemaName     string
    OriginalSQL    string
    NormalizedSQL  string
    Digest         string
    PrevSQL        string
    PrevSQLDigest  string
    PlanGenerator  func() string
    PlanDigest     string
    PlanDigestGen  func() string
    User           string
    TotalLatency   time.Duration
    ParseLatency   time.Duration
    CompileLatency time.Duration
    StmtCtx        *stmtctx.StatementContext
    CopTasks       *stmtctx.CopTasksDetails
    ExecDetail     *execdetails.ExecDetails
    MemMax         int64
    DiskMax        int64
    StartTime      time.Time
    IsInternal     bool
    Succeed        bool
    PlanInCache    bool

StmtExecInfo records execution information of each statement.

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