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package timeutil

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/util/timeutil"


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func ConstructTimeZone Uses

func ConstructTimeZone(name string, offset int) (*time.Location, error)

ConstructTimeZone constructs timezone by name first. When the timezone name is set, the daylight saving problem must be considered. Otherwise the timezone offset in seconds east of UTC is used to constructed the timezone.

func GetSystemTZ Uses

func GetSystemTZ() (string, error)

GetSystemTZ gets the value of systemTZ, an error is returned if systemTZ is not properly set.

func InferSystemTZ Uses

func InferSystemTZ() string

InferSystemTZ reads system timezone from `TZ`, the path of the soft link of `/etc/localtime`. If both of them are failed, system timezone will be set to `UTC`. It is exported because we need to use it during bootstrap stage. And it should be only used at that stage.

func LoadLocation Uses

func LoadLocation(name string) (*time.Location, error)

LoadLocation loads time.Location by IANA timezone time.

func SetSystemTZ Uses

func SetSystemTZ(name string)

SetSystemTZ sets systemTZ by the value loaded from mysql.tidb.

func SystemLocation Uses

func SystemLocation() *time.Location

SystemLocation returns time.SystemLocation's IANA timezone location. It is TiDB's global timezone location.

func WithinDayTimePeriod Uses

func WithinDayTimePeriod(start, end, now time.Time) bool

WithinDayTimePeriod tests whether `now` is between `start` and `end`.

func Zone Uses

func Zone(loc *time.Location) (string, int64)

Zone returns the current timezone name and timezone offset in seconds. In compatible with MySQL, we change `SystemLocation` to `System`.

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