pocket-core: github.com/pokt-network/pocket-core


cmd/pocket_coreThis package is the starting point of Pocket Core.
configThis package maintains the client configuration.
constThis package holds globally accessible data that is not expected to be dynamic.
cryptoThis package is for cryptography that is used in Pocket Core.
dbThis package is all persistent data storage related code.
dispatchThis package is for node assignment to a developer.
logsThis package is for logging runtime data.
nodeThis package is node related code.
plugin/rpcThe relay forwarding plugin for rpc medium
rpcThis package is for the RPC/REST API
rpc/relayThis package is contains the handler functions needed for the Relay API
rpc/sharedThis package is shared between the different RPC packages
serviceThis package is for the service functionality of Pocket Core.
typesThis package consists of custom types used in Pocket Core
utilThis package is for global utility functions and structures.

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