ponzu: github.com/ponzu-cms/ponzu


cmd/ponzuPackage main is located in the cmd/ponzu directory and contains the code to build and operate the command line interface (CLI) to manage Ponzu systems.
contentPackage content contains all user-supplied content which the system is to manage.
management/editorPackage editor enables users to create edit views from their content structs so that admins can manage content
management/formatPackage format provides interfaces to format content into various kinds of data
management/managerPackage manager contains the admin UI to the CMS which wraps all content editor interfaces to manage the create/edit/delete capabilities of Ponzu content.
systemPackage system contains a collection of packages that make up the internal Ponzu system, which handles addons, administration, the Admin server, the API server, analytics, databases, search, TLS, and various internal types.
system/addonPackage addon provides an API for Ponzu addons to interface with the system
system/adminPackage admin desrcibes the admin view containing references to various managers and editors
system/admin/configPackage config provides a content type to manage the Ponzu system's configuration settings for things such as its name, domain, HTTP(s) port, email, server defaults and backups.
system/admin/uploadPackage upload provides a re-usable file upload and storage utility for Ponzu systems to handle multipart form data.
system/admin/userPackage user contains the basic admin user creation and authentication code, specific to Ponzu systems.
system/apiPackage api sets the various API handlers which provide an HTTP interface to Ponzu content, and include the types and interfaces to enable client-side interactivity with the system.
system/api/analyticsPackage analytics provides the methods to run an analytics reporting system for API requests which may be useful to users for measuring access and possibly identifying bad actors abusing requests.
system/dbPackage db contains all interfaces to the databases used by Ponzu, including exported functions to easily manage addons, users, indices, search, content, and configuration.
system/itemPackage item provides the default functionality to Ponzu's content/data types, how they interact with the API, and how to override or enhance their abilities using various interfaces.
system/searchPackage search is a wrapper around the blevesearch/bleve search indexing and query package, and provides interfaces to extend Ponzu items with rich, full-text search capability.
system/tlsPackage tls provides the functionality to Ponzu systems to encrypt HTTP traffic through the ability to generate self-signed certificates for local development and fetch/update production certificates from Let's Encrypt.

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