matchbox/cliPackage cli provides a command line interface client.
matchbox/clientPackage client provides the matchbox gRPC client.
matchbox/httpPackage http provides the matchbox HTTP server
matchbox/rpcPackage rpc provides the matchbox gRPC server
matchbox/rpc/rpcpbPackage rpcpb provides RPC client and server interfaces.
matchbox/serverPackage server is a matchbox library package for implementing servers.
matchbox/server/serverpbPackage serverpb provides matchbox message types.
matchbox/signPackage sign adds signatures to matchbox responses.
matchbox/storagePackage storage defines matchbox's storage and object types.
matchbox/storage/storagepbPackage storagepb provides storage protobuf client and server interfaces.
matchbox/storage/testfakesPackage testfakes provides shared storage implementations for testing.
matchbox/versionPackage version provides the matchbox version.

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