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package adapters

import ""


Package Files

adapter.go scanner.go

type Adapter Uses

type Adapter interface {
    GetTransaction() (tx *sql.Tx, err error)
    BatchInsertValues(SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    BatchInsertCopy(dbname, schema, table string, keys []string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    CountByRequest(req *http.Request) (countQuery string, err error)
    DatabaseClause(req *http.Request) (query string, hasCount bool)
    DatabaseOrderBy(order string, hasCount bool) (orderBy string)
    DatabaseWhere(requestWhere string) (whereSyntax string)
    Delete(SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    DeleteWithTransaction(tx *sql.Tx, SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    DeleteSQL(database string, schema string, table string) string
    DistinctClause(r *http.Request) (distinctQuery string, err error)
    ExecuteScripts(method, sql string, values []interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    FieldsPermissions(r *http.Request, table string, op string) (fields []string, err error)
    GetScript(verb, folder, scriptName string) (script string, err error)
    GroupByClause(r *http.Request) (groupBySQL string)
    Insert(SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    InsertWithTransaction(tx *sql.Tx, SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    InsertSQL(database string, schema string, table string, names string, placeholders string) string
    JoinByRequest(r *http.Request) (values []string, err error)
    OrderByRequest(r *http.Request) (values string, err error)
    PaginateIfPossible(r *http.Request) (paginatedQuery string, err error)
    ParseBatchInsertRequest(r *http.Request) (colsName string, colsValue string, values []interface{}, err error)
    ParseInsertRequest(r *http.Request) (colsName string, colsValue string, values []interface{}, err error)
    ParseScript(scriptPath string, queryURL url.Values) (sqlQuery string, values []interface{}, err error)
    Query(SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    QueryCount(SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    ReturningByRequest(r *http.Request) (returningSyntax string, err error)
    SchemaClause(req *http.Request) (query string, hasCount bool)
    SchemaOrderBy(order string, hasCount bool) (orderBy string)
    SchemaTablesClause() (query string)
    SchemaTablesOrderBy(order string) (orderBy string)
    SchemaTablesWhere(requestWhere string) (whereSyntax string)
    SelectFields(fields []string) (sql string, err error)
    SelectSQL(selectStr string, database string, schema string, table string) string
    SetByRequest(r *http.Request, initialPlaceholderID int) (setSyntax string, values []interface{}, err error)
    SetDatabase(name string)
    TableClause() (query string)
    TableOrderBy(order string) (orderBy string)
    TablePermissions(table string, op string) bool
    TableWhere(requestWhere string) (whereSyntax string)
    Update(SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    UpdateWithTransaction(tx *sql.Tx, SQL string, params ...interface{}) (sc Scanner)
    UpdateSQL(database string, schema string, table string, setSyntax string) string
    WhereByRequest(r *http.Request, initialPlaceholderID int) (whereSyntax string, values []interface{}, err error)

Adapter interface

type Scanner Uses

type Scanner interface {
    Scan(interface{}) (int, error)
    Bytes() []byte
    Err() error

Scanner interface to enable map pREST result to a struct



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