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package bitcask

import ""


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bitcask.go options.go


const (
    // DefaultMaxDatafileSize is the default maximum datafile size in bytes
    DefaultMaxDatafileSize = 1 << 20 // 1MB

    // DefaultMaxKeySize is the default maximum key size in bytes
    DefaultMaxKeySize = 64 // 64 bytes

    // DefaultMaxValueSize is the default value size in bytes
    DefaultMaxValueSize = 1 << 16 // 65KB


var (
    // ErrKeyNotFound is the error returned when a key is not found
    ErrKeyNotFound = errors.New("error: key not found")

    // ErrKeyTooLarge is the error returned for a key that exceeds the
    // maximum allowed key size (configured with WithMaxKeySize).
    ErrKeyTooLarge = errors.New("error: key too large")

    // ErrValueTooLarge is the error returned for a value that exceeds the
    // maximum allowed value size (configured with WithMaxValueSize).
    ErrValueTooLarge = errors.New("error: value too large")

    // ErrChecksumFailed is the error returned if a key/value retrieved does
    // not match its CRC checksum
    ErrChecksumFailed = errors.New("error: checksum failed")

    // ErrDatabaseLocked is the error returned if the database is locked
    // (typically opened by another process)
    ErrDatabaseLocked = errors.New("error: database locked")

func Merge Uses

func Merge(path string, force bool) error

Merge merges all datafiles in the database creating hint files for faster startup. Old keys are squashed and deleted keys removes. Call this function periodically to reclaim disk space.

type Bitcask Uses

type Bitcask struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Bitcask is a struct that represents a on-disk LSM and WAL data structure and in-memory hash of key/value pairs as per the Bitcask paper and seen in the Riak database.

func Open Uses

func Open(path string, options ...Option) (*Bitcask, error)

Open opens the database at the given path with optional options. Options can be provided with the `WithXXX` functions that provide configuration options as functions.

func (*Bitcask) Close Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Close() error

Close closes the database and removes the lock. It is important to call Close() as this is the only way to cleanup the lock held by the open database.

func (*Bitcask) Delete Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Delete(key string) error

Delete deletes the named key. If the key doesn't exist or an I/O error occurs the error is returned.

func (*Bitcask) Fold Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Fold(f func(key string) error) error

Fold iterates over all keys in the database calling the function `f` for each key. If the function returns an error, no further keys are processed and the error returned.

func (*Bitcask) Get Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Get(key string) ([]byte, error)

Get retrieves the value of the given key. If the key is not found or an/I/O error occurs a null byte slice is returned along with the error.

func (*Bitcask) Has Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Has(key string) bool

Has returns true if the key exists in the database, false otherwise.

func (*Bitcask) Keys Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Keys() chan string

Keys returns all keys in the database as a channel of string(s)

func (*Bitcask) Len Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Len() int

Len returns the total number of keys in the database

func (*Bitcask) Put Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Put(key string, value []byte) error

Put stores the key and value in the database.

func (*Bitcask) Scan Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Scan(prefix string, f func(key string) error) error

Scan performs a prefix scan of keys matching the given prefix and calling the function `f` with the keys found. If the function returns an error no further keys are processed and the first error returned.

func (*Bitcask) Sync Uses

func (b *Bitcask) Sync() error

Sync flushes all buffers to disk ensuring all data is written

type Option Uses

type Option func(*config) error

Option is a function that takes a config struct and modifies it

func WithMaxDatafileSize Uses

func WithMaxDatafileSize(size int) Option

WithMaxDatafileSize sets the maximum datafile size option

func WithMaxKeySize Uses

func WithMaxKeySize(size int) Option

WithMaxKeySize sets the maximum key size option

func WithMaxValueSize Uses

func WithMaxValueSize(size int) Option

WithMaxValueSize sets the maximum value size option



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