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package data

import ""


Package Files

datafile.go recover.go

func CheckAndRecover Uses

func CheckAndRecover(path string, cfg *config.Config) error

CheckAndRecover checks and recovers the last datafile. If the datafile isn't corrupted, this is a noop. If it is, the longest non-corrupted prefix will be kept and the rest will be *deleted*. Also, the index file is also *deleted* which will be automatically recreated on next startup.

type Datafile Uses

type Datafile interface {
    FileID() int
    Name() string
    Close() error
    Sync() error
    Size() int64
    Read() (internal.Entry, int64, error)
    ReadAt(index, size int64) (internal.Entry, error)
    Write(internal.Entry) (int64, int64, error)

Datafile is an interface that represents a readable and writeable datafile

func NewDatafile Uses

func NewDatafile(path string, id int, readonly bool, maxKeySize uint32, maxValueSize uint64) (Datafile, error)

NewDatafile opens an existing datafile



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