apiPackage api provides clients for the HTTP APIs.
api/prometheus/v1Package v1 provides bindings to the Prometheus HTTP API v1:
examples/randomA simple example exposing fictional RPC latencies with different types of random distributions (uniform, normal, and exponential) as Prometheus metrics.
examples/simpleA minimal example of how to include Prometheus instrumentation.
prometheusPackage prometheus is the core instrumentation package.
prometheus/graphitePackage graphite provides a bridge to push Prometheus metrics to a Graphite server.
prometheus/promautoPackage promauto provides constructors for the usual Prometheus metrics that return them already registered with the global registry (prometheus.DefaultRegisterer).
prometheus/promhttpPackage promhttp provides tooling around HTTP servers and clients.
prometheus/pushPackage push provides functions to push metrics to a Pushgateway.
prometheus/testutilPackage testutil provides helpers to test code using the prometheus package of client_golang.

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