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package v1

import ""

Package v1 provides bindings to the Prometheus HTTP API v1:


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const (
    // Possible values for AlertState.
    AlertStateFiring   AlertState = "firing"
    AlertStateInactive AlertState = "inactive"
    AlertStatePending  AlertState = "pending"

    // Possible values for ErrorType.
    ErrBadData     ErrorType = "bad_data"
    ErrTimeout     ErrorType = "timeout"
    ErrCanceled    ErrorType = "canceled"
    ErrExec        ErrorType = "execution"
    ErrBadResponse ErrorType = "bad_response"
    ErrServer      ErrorType = "server_error"
    ErrClient      ErrorType = "client_error"

    // Possible values for HealthStatus.
    HealthGood    HealthStatus = "up"
    HealthUnknown HealthStatus = "unknown"
    HealthBad     HealthStatus = "down"

    // Possible values for RuleType.
    RuleTypeRecording RuleType = "recording"
    RuleTypeAlerting  RuleType = "alerting"

    // Possible values for RuleHealth.
    RuleHealthGood    = "ok"
    RuleHealthUnknown = "unknown"
    RuleHealthBad     = "err"

    // Possible values for MetricType
    MetricTypeCounter        MetricType = "counter"
    MetricTypeGauge          MetricType = "gauge"
    MetricTypeHistogram      MetricType = "histogram"
    MetricTypeGaugeHistogram MetricType = "gaugehistogram"
    MetricTypeSummary        MetricType = "summary"
    MetricTypeInfo           MetricType = "info"
    MetricTypeStateset       MetricType = "stateset"
    MetricTypeUnknown        MetricType = "unknown"

type API Uses

type API interface {
    // Alerts returns a list of all active alerts.
    Alerts(ctx context.Context) (AlertsResult, error)
    // AlertManagers returns an overview of the current state of the Prometheus alert manager discovery.
    AlertManagers(ctx context.Context) (AlertManagersResult, error)
    // CleanTombstones removes the deleted data from disk and cleans up the existing tombstones.
    CleanTombstones(ctx context.Context) error
    // Config returns the current Prometheus configuration.
    Config(ctx context.Context) (ConfigResult, error)
    // DeleteSeries deletes data for a selection of series in a time range.
    DeleteSeries(ctx context.Context, matches []string, startTime time.Time, endTime time.Time) error
    // Flags returns the flag values that Prometheus was launched with.
    Flags(ctx context.Context) (FlagsResult, error)
    // LabelNames returns all the unique label names present in the block in sorted order.
    LabelNames(ctx context.Context) ([]string, api.Warnings, error)
    // LabelValues performs a query for the values of the given label.
    LabelValues(ctx context.Context, label string) (model.LabelValues, api.Warnings, error)
    // Query performs a query for the given time.
    Query(ctx context.Context, query string, ts time.Time) (model.Value, api.Warnings, error)
    // QueryRange performs a query for the given range.
    QueryRange(ctx context.Context, query string, r Range) (model.Value, api.Warnings, error)
    // Series finds series by label matchers.
    Series(ctx context.Context, matches []string, startTime time.Time, endTime time.Time) ([]model.LabelSet, api.Warnings, error)
    // Snapshot creates a snapshot of all current data into snapshots/<datetime>-<rand>
    // under the TSDB's data directory and returns the directory as response.
    Snapshot(ctx context.Context, skipHead bool) (SnapshotResult, error)
    // Rules returns a list of alerting and recording rules that are currently loaded.
    Rules(ctx context.Context) (RulesResult, error)
    // Targets returns an overview of the current state of the Prometheus target discovery.
    Targets(ctx context.Context) (TargetsResult, error)
    // TargetsMetadata returns metadata about metrics currently scraped by the target.
    TargetsMetadata(ctx context.Context, matchTarget string, metric string, limit string) ([]MetricMetadata, error)

API provides bindings for Prometheus's v1 API.

func NewAPI Uses

func NewAPI(c api.Client) API

NewAPI returns a new API for the client.

It is safe to use the returned API from multiple goroutines.

type ActiveTarget Uses

type ActiveTarget struct {
    DiscoveredLabels map[string]string `json:"discoveredLabels"`
    Labels           model.LabelSet    `json:"labels"`
    ScrapeURL        string            `json:"scrapeUrl"`
    LastError        string            `json:"lastError"`
    LastScrape       time.Time         `json:"lastScrape"`
    Health           HealthStatus      `json:"health"`

ActiveTarget models an active Prometheus scrape target.

type Alert Uses

type Alert struct {
    ActiveAt    time.Time `json:"activeAt"`
    Annotations model.LabelSet
    Labels      model.LabelSet
    State       AlertState
    Value       string

Alert models an active alert.

type AlertManager Uses

type AlertManager struct {
    URL string `json:"url"`

AlertManager models a configured Alert Manager.

type AlertManagersResult Uses

type AlertManagersResult struct {
    Active  []AlertManager `json:"activeAlertManagers"`
    Dropped []AlertManager `json:"droppedAlertManagers"`

AlertManagersResult contains the result from querying the alertmanagers endpoint.

type AlertState Uses

type AlertState string

AlertState models the state of an alert.

type AlertingRule Uses

type AlertingRule struct {
    Name        string         `json:"name"`
    Query       string         `json:"query"`
    Duration    float64        `json:"duration"`
    Labels      model.LabelSet `json:"labels"`
    Annotations model.LabelSet `json:"annotations"`
    Alerts      []*Alert       `json:"alerts"`
    Health      RuleHealth     `json:"health"`
    LastError   string         `json:"lastError,omitempty"`

AlertingRule models a alerting rule.

func (*AlertingRule) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (r *AlertingRule) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

type AlertsResult Uses

type AlertsResult struct {
    Alerts []Alert `json:"alerts"`

AlertsResult contains the result from querying the alerts endpoint.

type ConfigResult Uses

type ConfigResult struct {
    YAML string `json:"yaml"`

ConfigResult contains the result from querying the config endpoint.

type DroppedTarget Uses

type DroppedTarget struct {
    DiscoveredLabels map[string]string `json:"discoveredLabels"`

DroppedTarget models a dropped Prometheus scrape target.

type Error Uses

type Error struct {
    Type   ErrorType
    Msg    string
    Detail string

Error is an error returned by the API.

func (*Error) Error Uses

func (e *Error) Error() string

type ErrorType Uses

type ErrorType string

ErrorType models the different API error types.

type FlagsResult Uses

type FlagsResult map[string]string

FlagsResult contains the result from querying the flag endpoint.

type HealthStatus Uses

type HealthStatus string

HealthStatus models the health status of a scrape target.

type MetricMetadata Uses

type MetricMetadata struct {
    Target map[string]string `json:"target"`
    Metric string            `json:"metric,omitempty"`
    Type   MetricType        `json:"type"`
    Help   string            `json:"help"`
    Unit   string            `json:"unit"`

MetricMetadata models the metadata of a metric.

type MetricType Uses

type MetricType string

MetricType models the type of a metric.

type Range Uses

type Range struct {
    // The boundaries of the time range.
    Start, End time.Time
    // The maximum time between two slices within the boundaries.
    Step time.Duration

Range represents a sliced time range.

type RecordingRule Uses

type RecordingRule struct {
    Name      string         `json:"name"`
    Query     string         `json:"query"`
    Labels    model.LabelSet `json:"labels,omitempty"`
    Health    RuleHealth     `json:"health"`
    LastError string         `json:"lastError,omitempty"`

RecordingRule models a recording rule.

func (*RecordingRule) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (r *RecordingRule) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

type RuleGroup Uses

type RuleGroup struct {
    Name     string  `json:"name"`
    File     string  `json:"file"`
    Interval float64 `json:"interval"`
    Rules    Rules   `json:"rules"`

RuleGroup models a rule group that contains a set of recording and alerting rules.

func (*RuleGroup) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (rg *RuleGroup) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

type RuleHealth Uses

type RuleHealth string

RuleHealth models the health status of a rule.

type RuleType Uses

type RuleType string

RuleType models the type of a rule.

type Rules Uses

type Rules []interface{}

Recording and alerting rules are stored in the same slice to preserve the order that rules are returned in by the API.

Rule types can be determined using a type switch:

switch v := rule.(type) {
case RecordingRule:
	fmt.Print("got a recording rule")
case AlertingRule:
	fmt.Print("got a alerting rule")
	fmt.Printf("unknown rule type %s", v)

type RulesResult Uses

type RulesResult struct {
    Groups []RuleGroup `json:"groups"`

RulesResult contains the result from querying the rules endpoint.

type SnapshotResult Uses

type SnapshotResult struct {
    Name string `json:"name"`

SnapshotResult contains the result from querying the snapshot endpoint.

type TargetsResult Uses

type TargetsResult struct {
    Active  []ActiveTarget  `json:"activeTargets"`
    Dropped []DroppedTarget `json:"droppedTargets"`

TargetsResult contains the result from querying the targets endpoint.

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