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package helpers

import "github.com/pubnub/go/tests/helpers"


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func AssertPathsEqual Uses

func AssertPathsEqual(t *testing.T, expectedString, actualString string,
    itemsPositions []int)

Assertion wrappers for tests

func AssertQueriesEqual Uses

func AssertQueriesEqual(t *testing.T, expectedString, actualString *url.Values,
    ignoreKeys, mixedKeys []string)

func PathsEqual Uses

func PathsEqual(expectedString, actualString string,
    mixedPositions []int) bool

PathsEqual mixedPositions - a position of items which can contain unsorted items like multiple unsorted channels. If no such positions expected use an empty slice. Like in arrays, the first position is 0.

func QueriesEqual Uses

func QueriesEqual(expectedString, actualString *url.Values,
    ignoreKeys []string, mixedKeys []string) bool

func UrlsEqual Uses

func UrlsEqual(expectedString, actualString string,
    ignoreKeys, mixedKeys []string) (bool, error)

Custom URL matcher for outgoing pubnub server requests

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