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Command mgmt

Package main provides the main entrypoint for using the `mgmt` software.

Package Files

doc.go main.go


convergerPackage converger is a facility for reporting the converged state.
etcdPackage etcd implements the distributed key value store integration.
eventPackage event provides some primitives that are used for message passing.
gapiPackage gapi defines the interface that graph API generators must meet.
pgraphPackage pgraph represents the internal "pointer graph" that we use.
prometheusPackage prometheus provides functions that are useful to control and manage the built-in prometheus instance.
puppetPackage puppet provides the integration entrypoint for the puppet language.
recwatchPackage recwatch provides recursive file watching events via fsnotify.
remotePackage remote provides the remoting facilities for agentless execution.
resourcesPackage resources provides the resource framework and idempotent primitives.
resources/packagekitPackage packagekit provides an interface to interact with packagekit.
utilPackage util contains a collection of miscellaneous utility functions.
util/semaphorePackage semaphore contains an implementation of a counting semaphore.
yamlgraphPackage yamlgraph provides the facilities for loading a graph from a yaml file.
yamlgraph2Package yamlgraph2 provides the facilities for loading a graph from a yaml file.

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