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package seed

import ""

Package seed can be used to write web applications without the need for HTML, CSS or Javascript.

package main

import ""

func main() {
	seed.NewApp("Hello World", "Hello World").Launch()

Applications are automatically served and managed by the package.

Getting Started

Before you write a line of code, sit down with a piece of paper and create some drawings of how you would like your application to look, feel & function. Think about different platforms (eg. mobile, tablet, desktop) and portait/landscape orientations. This is the design process and is the most important part of creating an app. A rough design is fine. Now for each design, identify the outline of the application, recognise the types of widgets, the rows, columns and spacing. You can do this in your head if you like. Now you can actually program the application! Start by picking a page of the application and importing the widgets you need (a full list can be found at

To use one of these widgets, import it at the top of your .go file.

package main

import ""

import (

Now you can add widgets to your application and to other widgets like this.

func main() {
	var App = seed.NewApp()

	var Row = row.AddTo(App)



All widgets have a AddTo(parent) method for clearly creating and adding the widget to a parent in a single line. They also have a New() method that returns the widget for more advanced purposes.


Package Files

application.go assets.go bootstrap.go color.go css.go development.go documentation.go dynamic.go export.go for.go hammer.go handler.go harvester.go html.go icon.go launch.go launch_browser.go minify.go options.go pages.go proxy.go renderer.go runtime.go runtime_server.go script.go seed.go server.go socket.go state.go style.go transitions.go


const CSS = "" /* 2604 byte string literal not displayed */

CSS is the bundled, default css that is packaged with Qlovaseed.

const HammerJavascript = "" /* 8593 byte string literal not displayed */+
    "`" + `assign` + "`" + `."),ta=h(function(a,b){return sa(a,b,!0)},"merge","Use ` + "`" + `assign` + "`" + "" /* 11962 byte string literal not displayed */

HammerJavascript is used to detect swipe gestures.

const LargeMax = `100rem`
const LargeMin = `80rem`
const LongPress = "" /* 912 byte string literal not displayed */

LongPress is the JS required for handling longpreses.

const MediumMax = `80rem`
const MediumMin = `60rem`
const OnPress = "" /* 976 byte string literal not displayed */

OnPress is the JS required for OnPress handling.

const Production = false

Production signals if the application is in production or not.

const SmallMax = `60rem`
const SmallMin = `40rem`
const TinyMax = `20rem`
const TinyMin = `10rem`


var Arial = style.Font{
    FontFace: css.FontFace{
        FontFamily: "Arial",

Arial is a default arial font.

var Dir = filepath.Dir(os.Args[0])

Dir is the working directory of the seed.

var Fade = Transition{
    In: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {

        100: func(frame Frame) {
    Out: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {

        100: func(frame Frame) {

Fade is a transition.

var FadeIn = Transition{
    In: Fade.In,

FadeIn is a transition.

var FadeOut = Transition{
    In: Fade.Out,

FadeOut is a transition.

var Flip = Transition{
    Out: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.CSS().Set("transform-origin", "top")

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.RotateX(-math.Pi / 2)
            frame.CSS().Set("transform-origin", "top")

Flip is a transition.

var FlipOut = Transition{
    Out: Flip.Out,

FlipOut is a transition.

var Installed = NewState("installed")

Installed is active whenever the app is installed to the device.

var Live bool

Live signals if the application is live or not.

var SlideDown = Transition{
    In: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, -100)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)
    Out: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, -100)

SlideDown is a transition.

var SlideIn = struct {
    Up, Down, Left, Right *Animation
    Up:    SlideUp.In,
    Down:  SlideDown.In,
    Left:  SlideLeft.In,
    Right: SlideRight.In,

SlideIn stores all slidein animations.

var SlideLeft = Transition{
    In: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(100, 0)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)
    Out: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(100, 0)

SlideLeft is a transition.

var SlideOut = struct {
    Up, Down, Left, Right *Animation
    Up:    SlideDown.Out,
    Down:  SlideUp.Out,
    Left:  SlideRight.Out,
    Right: SlideLeft.Out,

SlideOut stores all slideout animations.

var SlideRight = Transition{
    In: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(-100, 0)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)
    Out: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(-100, 0)

SlideRight is a transition.

var SlideUp = Transition{
    In: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 100)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)
    Out: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 0)

        100: func(frame Frame) {
            frame.Translate(0, 100)

SlideUp is a transition.

var Stay = Transition{
    Out: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {

        100: func(frame Frame) {
    In: &Animation{
        0: func(frame Frame) {

        100: func(frame Frame) {

Stay is a transition, where the page stays visisble until the end of the transition.

func Embed Uses

func Embed(name string, data []byte)

Embed embeds an asset with the specified name and data.

func GetEmbeddings Uses

func GetEmbeddings() map[string]embedding

GetEmbeddings is an internal function.

func Go Uses

func Go(function interface{}, args ...qlova.Type) func(q script.Ctx)

Go runs a Go function instead of a script Function.

func NewFunction Uses

func NewFunction(f func(script.Ctx), names ...string) script.Function

NewFunction defines a new function that can be called from any Ctx context.

func RGB Uses

func RGB(r, g, b uint8) color.Color

RGB returns a new color from the specified r, g and b values.

func RGBA Uses

func RGBA(r, g, b, a uint8) color.Color

RGBA returns a new color from the specified r, g, b and a values.

func SetTransitionIn Uses

func SetTransitionIn(Page script.Seed, trans Transition)

func SetTransitionOut Uses

func SetTransitionOut(Page script.Seed, trans Transition)

type Animation Uses

type Animation = internal.Animation

Animation is a change in styles across frames.

type App Uses

type App struct {

    Head, Neck, Body, Tail bytes.Buffer

    Handlers map[string]http.Handler
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

App is an entire app, with multiple pages and/or seeds.

func NewApp Uses

func NewApp(args ...string) *App

NewApp creates a new application. The first string argument is the name, the second is a description of the app.

func (*App) AddHash Uses

func (app *App) AddHash(name string)

AddHash allows you to add a hash of the certificate that you will sign your android app with. This is useful for Deep linking and assetlinks.json will be automatically served.

func (App) Animations Uses

func (app App) Animations() []byte

Return rendered animations.

func (App) DynamicHandlers Uses

func (app App) DynamicHandlers() []byte

func (App) Export Uses

func (app App) Export(t TargetEnum) error

Export is a method for investigating experimental export targets. This should not be used naively.

func (App) Fonts Uses

func (app App) Fonts() []byte

Return rendered fonts.

func (App) HTML Uses

func (app App) HTML() []byte

HTML returns rendered html of the entire app.

func (*App) Handler Uses

func (app *App) Handler() http.Handler

Handler returns a handler for this app.

func (*App) Launch Uses

func (app *App) Launch(listen ...string) error

Launch launches the app and attempts to open it with a local browser if possible. This method is suitable for launching the app in development and in production. However, to actually launch the app in production, a -production flag needs to passed to the app.

func (*App) LoadingPage Uses

func (app *App) LoadingPage() Page

LoadingPage returns the loadingpage (like a splashscreen) for this app that displays while the app is loading.

func (App) MediaQueries Uses

func (app App) MediaQueries() []byte

func (*App) NewPage Uses

func (app *App) NewPage() Page

NewPage creates and returns a new page for the app. If this is the first page created this way, it will also create a loading "splash" page.

func (App) OnReadyHandler Uses

func (app App) OnReadyHandler() []byte

func (*App) OnUpdateFound Uses

func (app *App) OnUpdateFound(f func(script.Ctx))

OnUpdateFound will be called when an update is found for the app.

func (App) Render Uses

func (app App) Render(platform Platform) []byte

Render renders the app to bytes.

func (App) RoutingTable Uses

func (app App) RoutingTable() []byte

Return rendered fonts.

func (*App) SetDescription Uses

func (app *App) SetDescription(description string)

SetDescription sets the description of your app.

func (*App) SetHost Uses

func (app *App) SetHost(name string)

SetHost sets the hostname of this app, this is where the app is expected to be hosted from. ie. ""

func (*App) SetPackage Uses

func (app *App) SetPackage(name string)

SetPackage sets the package name of this application on android. By default it will be set to the reverse of the hostname. ie. ""

func (*App) SetPage Uses

func (app *App) SetPage(page Page)

SetPage sets the default starting page for this App. This page will be presented after the app has finished loading.

func (*App) SetRest Uses

func (app *App) SetRest(name string)

SetRest sets the REST hostname of this app, this is where the app will serve and request API calls. By default this will be relative to the current location of the app, however you may want to change this. ie. ""

func (*App) SetTrackingCode Uses

func (app *App) SetTrackingCode(code string)

SetTrackingCode adds a google analytics tracking code to the app.

func (App) StateHandlers Uses

func (app App) StateHandlers() []byte

func (*App) ToJavascript Uses

func (app *App) ToJavascript(f func(script.Ctx)) []byte

ToJavascript converts a Ctx function into javascript bytes.

func (*App) While Uses

func (app *App) While(state State, handler user.Handler)

While allows a persistent user-connection to be opened when a state is active.

type Args Uses

type Args = script.Args

Args aliases to the script.Args type.

type Asset Uses

type Asset struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Asset is a static resource that is needed by an application, this may include images, audio, video, documents etc.

func NewAsset Uses

func NewAsset(path string) Asset

NewAsset creates a new cached image at the given path. This asset will be bundled with the app and cached.

func (Asset) AddTo Uses

func (asset Asset) AddTo(seed Interface)

AddTo adds an asset to a seed.

type Bool Uses

type Bool = script.Bool

Bool aliases to the script.Bool type.

type Font Uses

type Font string

Font is a font type.

func NewFont Uses

func NewFont(path string) Font

NewFont registers the font and creates it.

type Frame Uses

type Frame = internal.Frame

Frame is an animation frame.

type Gradient Uses

type Gradient = style.Gradient

Gradient is an alias to the style.Gradient type.

type Hex Uses

type Hex string

Hex is a color in hex representation ie #ffffff strings of this format can be cast directly to the Hex type. ie Hex("#ffffff")

const (
    White Hex = "#ffffff"
    Black Hex = "#000000"
    Red   Hex = "#ff0000"
    Green Hex = "#00ff00"
    Blue  Hex = "#0000ff"

Some colors as constants.

func (Hex) RGBA Uses

func (h Hex) RGBA() (r, g, b, a uint32)

RGBA returns premultiplied r, g, b & a values for this hex color.

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    Root() Seed

Interface is anything that has a Root() seed method.

type Option Uses

type Option func(interface{})

Option is any option for a seed.

type Page Uses

type Page struct {
    Title, Path string

    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Page is a page of an app, or seed.

func AddPageTo Uses

func AddPageTo(parent Interface) Page

AddPageTo adds a page to a parent.

func NewPage Uses

func NewPage(args ...string) Page

NewPage returns a new Page. The first argument provided is the name of the page, the second is the path.

func (Page) Ctx Uses

func (page Page) Ctx(q script.Ctx) script.Page

Ctx returns a script context to the page.

func (Page) OnBack Uses

func (page Page) OnBack(f func(q script.Ctx))

OnBack is triggered before the back action is triggered, return q.Bool(true) to prevent default behaviour.

func (Page) OnPageEnter Uses

func (page Page) OnPageEnter(f func(script.Ctx))

OnPageEnter runs a script when this page is entered/ongoto.

func (Page) OnPageExit Uses

func (page Page) OnPageExit(f func(script.Ctx))

OnPageExit runs a script when leaving this page (onleave).

func (Page) SetBack Uses

func (page Page) SetBack(back Page)

SetBack sets the page that this page should go to when a back button is pressed.

func (Page) SetTag Uses

func (page Page) SetTag(name string)

SetTag sets a tag associated with this page.

func (Page) SetTransition Uses

func (page Page) SetTransition(trans Transition)

SetTransition sets a page transition for the page.

func (Page) Setup Uses

func (page Page) Setup(f func(Page)) (ignore struct{})

func (Page) State Uses

func (page Page) State() State

func (Page) SyncVisibilityWith Uses

func (page Page) SyncVisibilityWith(seed Interface)

SyncVisibilityWith sets the given seed to be visible when the page is visible and hidden when the page is hidden.

type Platform Uses

type Platform int

Platform is a platform type.

const (
    Default Platform = iota


List of potential platforms.

type Runtime Uses

type Runtime struct {

    //Hostname and port where you want the server to be listening on.
    Listen string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Runtime is a runtime that can serve an app.

func (Runtime) Handler Uses

func (runtime Runtime) Handler() http.Handler

Handler returns a http handler that serves this application.

func (Runtime) Launch Uses

func (runtime Runtime) Launch(port ...string)

Launch launches the app listening on the given port.

type Seed Uses

type Seed struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Seed is a component of an app. It can contain children seeds and have styles, scripts attached to it.

func AddTo Uses

func AddTo(parent Interface) Seed

AddTo creates and returns a seed attached to the specified parent.

func New Uses

func New(options ...Option) Seed

New create and return a new seed.

func (Seed) Add Uses

func (seed Seed) Add(child Interface)

Add a child seed to this seed.

func (Seed) AddTo Uses

func (seed Seed) AddTo(parent Interface) Seed

AddTo adds this seed to the specified parent.

func (Seed) Attributes Uses

func (seed Seed) Attributes() string

Attributes returns the HTML attributes for this seed [DEPRECIATED].

func (Seed) BuildStyleSheet Uses

func (seed Seed) BuildStyleSheet(platform Platform) sheet

BuildStyleSheet builds the seeds stylesheet.

func (Seed) Children Uses

func (seed Seed) Children() []Interface

Children returns a slice of children of this seed.

func (Seed) Copy Uses

func (seed Seed) Copy() Seed

Copy creates a copy of this seed.

func (Seed) Ctx Uses

func (seed Seed) Ctx(q script.Ctx) script.Seed

Ctx returns the script context of this seed.

func (Seed) Desktop Uses

func (seed Seed) Desktop() Seed

Desktop returns the seed that should replace this seed when on the Desktop.

func (Seed) For Uses

func (seed Seed) For(u User) Update

For returns a new remote update to a seed that can be used to remotely modify the seed.

func (Seed) HTML Uses

func (seed Seed) HTML() []byte

HTML returns the html content of the seed.

func (Seed) HiddenWhen Uses

func (seed Seed) HiddenWhen(state State)

HiddenWhen sets a seed to be hidden when the state is active.

func (Seed) ID Uses

func (seed Seed) ID() string

ID returns the id of this seed.

func (Seed) Is Uses

func (seed Seed) Is(b Interface) bool

Is returns true if a and b are the same seed.

func (Seed) MarshalText Uses

func (seed Seed) MarshalText() ([]byte, error)

MarshalText marshals this seed as a HTML id.

func (Seed) MediumToHuge Uses

func (s Seed) MediumToHuge() style.Group

func (Seed) NewPage Uses

func (seed Seed) NewPage() Page

NewPage returns a NewPage attached to a given seed.

func (Seed) Null Uses

func (seed Seed) Null() bool

Null returns true if the seed is null.

func (Seed) On Uses

func (seed Seed) On(event string, callback func(script.Ctx))

On runs a script callback when the specified event is fired.

func (Seed) OnChange Uses

func (seed Seed) OnChange(f func(script.Ctx))

OnChange runs a script when this seed's value is changed by the user.

func (Seed) OnClick Uses

func (seed Seed) OnClick(f func(script.Ctx))

OnClick runs a script when this seed is clicked.

func (Seed) OnClickGoto Uses

func (seed Seed) OnClickGoto(page Page)

OnClickGoto is shorthand for seed.OnClick(func(q script.Ctx){ page.Ctx(q).Goto() })

func (Seed) OnClickSetState Uses

func (seed Seed) OnClickSetState(state State)

OnClickSetState is shorthand.

func (Seed) OnClickThrough Uses

func (seed Seed) OnClickThrough(f func(script.Ctx))

OnClickThrough runs a script when this seed is clicked, allows click to propagate to other scripts.

func (Seed) OnClickToggleState Uses

func (seed Seed) OnClickToggleState(state State)

OnClickToggleState is shorthand.

func (Seed) OnClickUnsetState Uses

func (seed Seed) OnClickUnsetState(state State)

OnClickUnsetState is shorthand.

func (Seed) OnEnter Uses

func (seed Seed) OnEnter(f func(script.Ctx))

OnEnter runs a script when this seed has enter input.

func (Seed) OnFocus Uses

func (seed Seed) OnFocus(f func(script.Ctx))

OnFocus run a script when this seed is focused.

func (Seed) OnFocusLost Uses

func (seed Seed) OnFocusLost(f func(script.Ctx))

OnFocusLost runs a script when this seed has focus lost.

func (Seed) OnGlobalChanged Uses

func (seed Seed) OnGlobalChanged(v global.Variable, f func(script.Ctx))

OnGlobalChanged is called whenever the global reference is changed.

func (Seed) OnInput Uses

func (seed Seed) OnInput(f func(script.Ctx))

OnInput runs a script when this seed has input.

func (Seed) OnLongPress Uses

func (seed Seed) OnLongPress(f func(script.Ctx))

OnLongPress runs a script when this seed is long-clicked.

func (Seed) OnReady Uses

func (seed Seed) OnReady(f func(script.Ctx))

OnReady runs a script when this seed is ready/loaded/onload/init.

func (Seed) OnSwipeLeft Uses

func (seed Seed) OnSwipeLeft(f func(script.Ctx))

OnSwipeLeft runs a script when swiped left.

func (Seed) OnSwipeRight Uses

func (seed Seed) OnSwipeRight(f func(script.Ctx))

OnSwipeRight runs a script when swiped right.

func (Seed) Page Uses

func (seed Seed) Page() bool

Page returns true if this seed is a page.

func (Seed) Parent Uses

func (seed Seed) Parent() Seed

Parent returns the parent seed.

func (Seed) ReactNative Uses

func (seed Seed) ReactNative() Seed

ReactNative returns the seed that should replace this seed when on ReactNative [EXPERIMENTAL].

func (Seed) Ready Uses

func (seed Seed) Ready() func(script.Ctx)

Ready returns the ready event handler.

func (Seed) Render Uses

func (seed Seed) Render(platform Platform) []byte

Render returns this seed rendered as HTML.

func (Seed) Require Uses

func (seed Seed) Require(script string)

Require requires an external script needed by this seed.

func (Seed) Root Uses

func (seed Seed) Root() Seed

Root returns the seed itself, when embedded in a struct, this is good way to retrieve the original seed.

func (Seed) ScreenSmallerThan Uses

func (seed Seed) ScreenSmallerThan(u unit.Unit) style.Style

ScreenSmallerThan is a conditional query that returns a style that effects that condition.

func (Seed) Scripts Uses

func (seed Seed) Scripts(platform Platform) map[string]struct{}

Scripts returns the scripts of this seed.

func (Seed) SetAnimation Uses

func (seed Seed) SetAnimation(animation Animation)

SetAnimation sets the animation of this seed to be looping and 1 second long.

func (Seed) SetAttributes Uses

func (seed Seed) SetAttributes(attr string)

SetAttributes sets the HTML attributes for this seed [DEPRECIATED].

func (Seed) SetClass Uses

func (seed Seed) SetClass(class string)

SetClass sets the HTML class of this seed [DEPRECIATED].

func (Seed) SetContent Uses

func (seed Seed) SetContent(data string)

SetContent adds text, html or whatever!

func (Seed) SetDynamicSource Uses

func (seed Seed) SetDynamicSource(s global.String)

SetDynamicSource sets the source of the seed which will be dynamic at runtime.

func (Seed) SetDynamicText Uses

func (seed Seed) SetDynamicText(s global.String)

SetDynamicText sets the text content of the seed which will be dynamic at runtime.

func (Seed) SetFont Uses

func (seed Seed) SetFont(font Font)

SetFont sets the font of the specified seed.

func (Seed) SetHTML Uses

func (seed Seed) SetHTML(data string)

SetHTML sets the html content of the seed.

func (Seed) SetMarkdown Uses

func (seed Seed) SetMarkdown(data string)

SetMarkdown sets the content of the seed in markdown format.

func (Seed) SetTag Uses

func (seed Seed) SetTag(tag string)

SetTag sets the HTML tag for this seed [DEPRECIATED].

func (Seed) SetText Uses

func (seed Seed) SetText(data string)

SetText sets the text content of this seed.

func (Seed) SetTextf Uses

func (seed Seed) SetTextf(format string, args

SetTextf allows setting the text of a seed with dynamic arguments.

func (Seed) ShortCircuit Uses

func (seed Seed) ShortCircuit(platform Platform) Seed

ShortCircuit returns the actual seed for the given platform.

func (Seed) Tag Uses

func (seed Seed) Tag() string

Tag returns the HTML tag of this seed [DEPRECIATED].

func (Seed) Text Uses

func (seed Seed) Text() string

Text returns the text content of the seed.

func (Seed) TinyToSmall Uses

func (s Seed) TinyToSmall() style.Group

func (Seed) VisibleWhen Uses

func (seed Seed) VisibleWhen(state State)

VisibleWhen sets a seed to be visible when the state is active.

func (Seed) When Uses

func (seed Seed) When(state State, f func(q script.Ctx))

When runs a script whenever the state becomes active.

type Shadow Uses

type Shadow = style.Shadow

Shadow is an alias to the style.Shadow type.

type State Uses

type State struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

State is a boolean state that can propogate effects to seeds.

func NewState Uses

func NewState(name ...string) State

NewState returns a new globally unique state. Name is ignored when built with 'production' flag.

func (State) BoolFromCtx Uses

func (state State) BoolFromCtx(ctx script.AnyCtx) script.Bool

BoolFromCtx implements script.AnyBool

func (State) Get Uses

func (state State) Get(q script.Ctx) script.Bool

Get gets the state as a bool.

func (State) Not Uses

func (state State) Not() State

Not returns the inverse state. ie var On = NewState(); var Off = On.Not()

func (State) Null Uses

func (state State) Null() bool

Null returns true if this is a null state.

func (State) Set Uses

func (state State) Set(q script.Ctx)

Set sets the state to be active.

func (State) SetFor Uses

func (state State) SetFor(u User)

SetFor sets a state for tthe specified user.

func (State) Toggle Uses

func (state State) Toggle(q script.Ctx)

Toggle toggles a state.

func (State) Unset Uses

func (state State) Unset(q script.Ctx)

Unset sets the state to not be active.

func (State) UnsetFor Uses

func (state State) UnsetFor(u User)

UnsetFor unsets a state for tthe specified user.

func (State) ValueFromCtx Uses

func (state State) ValueFromCtx(ctx script.AnyCtx) script.Value

ValueFromCtx implements script.AnyValue

type TargetEnum Uses

type TargetEnum int

TargetEnum is an experimental target type.

const (
    ReactNative TargetEnum = iota

Purely experimental targets for Qlovaseed.

type Transition Uses

type Transition struct {
    In  *Animation
    Out *Animation

    When     Page
    WhenTag  string
    WhenBack bool

    Then, Else *Transition

Transition is a transition between pages.

type Unit Uses

type Unit = complex128

Unit is a measurement for styles.

type Update Uses

type Update struct {

    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Update is a remote update to a seed.

func (Update) CSS Uses

func (update Update) CSS() css.Style

CSS returns the css.Style to the seed's style.

func (Update) Get Uses

func (update Update) Get(property string) string

Get returns an empty string.

func (Update) ID Uses

func (update Update) ID() string

ID returns the ID of the seed that this is updateing.

func (Update) Set Uses

func (update Update) Set(property, value string)

Set sets the CSS style property to value.

func (Update) SetText Uses

func (update Update) SetText(text string)

SetText sets the seed's text.

type User Uses

type User = user.Ctx

User is an alias to the user.User type.


apiPackage api provides a structure for designing an API for your app.
style/cssThis file is computer-generated
unitPackage unit provides useful Qlovaseed constants.
userPackage user allows communication with users from Go code.

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