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package html

import ""


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const.go html.go

type Attribute Uses

type Attribute string

Attribute is an HTML element attribute.

const (
    Source          Attribute = "src"
    Value           Attribute = "value"
    AllowFullscreen Attribute = "allowfullscreen"
    Frameborder     Attribute = "frameborder"

    Download                   Attribute = "download"
    HypertextReference         Attribute = "href"
    HypertextReferenceLanguage Attribute = "hreflang"
    Relationship               Attribute = "rel"
    Target                     Attribute = "target"
    Type                       Attribute = "type"
    Ping                       Attribute = "ping"

Collection of attributes.

type Element Uses

type Element struct {
    Attributes map[Attribute]string

    HTML []byte

Element is an HTML element.

func (*Element) Set Uses

func (element *Element) Set(attribute Attribute, value ...string)

Set the attribute of an HTML element.

func (*Element) SetHTML Uses

func (element *Element) SetHTML(html string)

SetHTML from a string. Shorthand for element.HTML = []byte(html)

type Language Uses

type Language string

Language is a valid language attribute.

type LinkType Uses

type LinkType string

LinkType indicate the relationship between two documents. See

type Tag Uses

type Tag string

Tag is an HTML tag.

const (
    HTML    Tag = "html"
    Divider     = "div"

Collection of HTML tags.

type TargetType Uses

type TargetType string

TargetType is a valid hypertext-reference target type.

const (
    Self   TargetType = "_self"
    Blank  TargetType = "_blank"
    Parent TargetType = "_parent"
    Top    TargetType = "_top"


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