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package css

import ""

This file is computer-generated

This file is computer-generated


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const (
    AliceBlue            colorType = "aliceblue"
    AntiqueWhite         colorType = "antiquewhite"
    Aqua                 colorType = "aqua"
    Aquamarine           colorType = "aquamarine"
    Azure                colorType = "azure"
    Beige                colorType = "beige"
    Bisque               colorType = "bisque"
    Black                colorType = "black"
    BlanchedAlmond       colorType = "blanchedalmond"
    Blue                 colorType = "blue"
    BlueViolet           colorType = "blueviolet"
    Brown                colorType = "brown"
    BurlyWood            colorType = "burlywood"
    CadetBlue            colorType = "cadetblue"
    Chartreuse           colorType = "chartreuse"
    Chocolate            colorType = "chocolate"
    Coral                colorType = "coral"
    CornflowerBlue       colorType = "cornflowerblue"
    Cornsilk             colorType = "cornsilk"
    Crimson              colorType = "crimson"
    Cyan                 colorType = "cyan"
    DarkBlue             colorType = "darkblue"
    DarkCyan             colorType = "darkcyan"
    DarkGoldenRod        colorType = "darkgoldenrod"
    DarkGray             colorType = "darkgray"
    DarkGrey             colorType = "darkgrey"
    DarkGreen            colorType = "darkgreen"
    DarkKhaki            colorType = "darkkhaki"
    DarkMagenta          colorType = "darkmagenta"
    DarkOliveGreen       colorType = "darkolivegreen"
    DarkOrange           colorType = "darkorange"
    DarkOrchid           colorType = "darkorchid"
    DarkRed              colorType = "darkred"
    DarkSalmon           colorType = "darksalmon"
    DarkSeaGreen         colorType = "darkseagreen"
    DarkSlateBlue        colorType = "darkslateblue"
    DarkSlateGray        colorType = "darkslategrey"
    DarkSlateGrey        colorType = "darkslategray"
    DarkTurquoise        colorType = "darkturquoise"
    DarkViolet           colorType = "darkviolet"
    DeepPink             colorType = "deeppink"
    DeepSkyBlue          colorType = "deepskyblue"
    DimGray              colorType = "dimgray"
    DimGrey              colorType = "dimgrey"
    DodgerBlue           colorType = "dodgerblue"
    FireBrick            colorType = "firebrick"
    FloralWhite          colorType = "floralwhite"
    ForestGreen          colorType = "forestgreen"
    Fuchsia              colorType = "fuchsia"
    Gainsboro            colorType = "gainsboro"
    GhostWhite           colorType = "ghostwhite"
    Gold                 colorType = "gold"
    GoldenRod            colorType = "goldenrod"
    Gray                 colorType = "gray"
    Grey                 colorType = "grey"
    Green                colorType = "green"
    GreenYellow          colorType = "greenyellow"
    HoneyDew             colorType = "honeydue"
    HotPink              colorType = "hotpink"
    IndianRed            colorType = "indianred"
    Indigo               colorType = "indigo"
    Ivory                colorType = "ivory"
    Khaki                colorType = "khaki"
    Lavender             colorType = "lavender"
    LavenderBlush        colorType = "lavenderblush"
    LawnGreen            colorType = "lawngreen"
    LemonChiffon         colorType = "lemonchiffon"
    LightBlue            colorType = "lightblue"
    LightCoral           colorType = "lightcoral"
    LightCyan            colorType = "lightcyan"
    LightGoldenRodYellow colorType = "lightgoldenrodyellow"
    LightGray            colorType = "lightgray"
    LightGrey            colorType = "lightgrey"
    LightGreen           colorType = "lightgreen"
    LightPink            colorType = "lightpink"
    LightSalmon          colorType = "lightsalmon"
    LightSeaGreen        colorType = "lightseagreen"
    LightSkyBlue         colorType = "lightskyblue"
    LightSlateGray       colorType = "lightslategray"
    LightSlateGrey       colorType = "lightslategrey"
    LightSteelBlue       colorType = "lightsteelblue"
    LightYellow          colorType = "lightyellow"
    Lime                 colorType = "lime"
    LimeGreen            colorType = "limegreen"
    Linen                colorType = "linen"
    Magenta              colorType = "magenta"
    Maroon               colorType = "maroon"
    MediumAquaMarine     colorType = "mediumaquamarine"
    MediumBlue           colorType = "mediumblue"
    MediumOrchid         colorType = "mediumorchid"
    MediumPurple         colorType = "mediumpurple"
    MediumSeaGreen       colorType = "mediumseagreen"
    MediumSlateBlue      colorType = "mediumslateblue"
    MediumSpringGreen    colorType = "mediumspringgreen"
    MediumTurquoise      colorType = "mediumturquoise"
    MediumVioletRed      colorType = "mediumvioletred"
    MidnightBlue         colorType = "midnightblue"
    MintCream            colorType = "mintcream"
    MistyRose            colorType = "mistyrose"
    Moccasin             colorType = "moccasin"
    NavajoWhite          colorType = "navajowhite"
    Navy                 colorType = "navy"
    OldLace              colorType = "oldlace"
    Olive                colorType = "olive"
    OliveDrab            colorType = "olivedrab"
    Orange               colorType = "orange"
    OrangeRed            colorType = "orangered"
    Orchid               colorType = "orchid"
    PaleGoldenRod        colorType = "palegoldenrod"
    PaleGreen            colorType = "palegreen"
    PaleTurquoise        colorType = "paleturquoise"
    PaleVioletRed        colorType = "palevioletred"
    PapayaWhip           colorType = "papayawhip"
    PeachPuff            colorType = "peachpuff"
    Peru                 colorType = "peru"
    Pink                 colorType = "pink"
    Plum                 colorType = "plum"
    PowderBlue           colorType = "powderblue"
    Purple               colorType = "purple"
    RebeccaPurple        colorType = "rebeccapurple"
    Red                  colorType = "red"
    RosyBrown            colorType = "rosybrown"
    RoyalBlue            colorType = "royalblue"
    SaddleBrown          colorType = "saddlebrown"
    Salmon               colorType = "salmon"
    SandyBrown           colorType = "sandybrown"
    SeaGreen             colorType = "seagreen"
    SeaShell             colorType = "seashell"
    Sienna               colorType = "sienna"
    Silver               colorType = "silver"
    SkyBlue              colorType = "skyblue"
    SlateBlue            colorType = "slateblue"
    SlateGray            colorType = "slategray"
    SlateGrey            colorType = "slategrey"
    Snow                 colorType = "snow"
    SpringGreen          colorType = "springgreen"
    SteelBlue            colorType = "steelblue"
    Tan                  colorType = "tan"
    Teal                 colorType = "teal"
    Thistle              colorType = "thistle"
    Tomato               colorType = "tomato"
    Turquoise            colorType = "turquoise"
    Violet               colorType = "violet"
    Wheat                colorType = "wheat"
    White                colorType = "white"
    WhiteSmoke           colorType = "whitesmoke"
    Yellow               colorType = "yellow"
    YellowGreen          colorType = "yellowgreen"
const Absolute absolute = 0
const Alias alias = 0
const All all = 0
const AllPetiteCaps allPetiteCaps = 0
const AllScroll allScroll = 0
const AllSmallCaps allSmallCaps = 0
const AllowEnd allowEnd = 0
const Alternate alternate = 0
const AlternateReverse alternateReverse = 0
const Armenian armenian = 0
const Auto auto = 0
const Avoid avoid = 0
const AvoidColumn avoidColumn = 0
const AvoidPage avoidPage = 0
const Backwards backwards = 0
const Balance balance = 0
const Baseline baseline = 0
const BidiOverride bidiOverride = 0
const Blink blink = 0
const Block block = 0
const Bold bold = 0
const Bolder bolder = 0
const Both both = 0
const Bottom bottom = 0
const BreakAll breakAll = 0
const BreakWord breakWord = 0
const Capitalize capitalize = 0
const Cell cell = 0
const Center center = 0
const Circle circle = 0
const Clip clip = 0
const Clone clone = 0
const CloseQuote closeQuote = 0
const ColResize colResize = 0
const Collapse collapse = 0
const Color color = 0
const ColorBurn colorBurn = 0
const ColorDodge colorDodge = 0
const Column column = 0
const ColumnReverse columnReverse = 0
const Compact compact = 0
const Condensed condensed = 0
const Contain contain = 0
const Container container = 0
const ContextMenu contextMenu = 0
const Copy copy = 0
const Cover cover = 0
const CrispEdges crispEdges = 0
const Crosshair crosshair = 0
const CurrentColor currentColor = 0
const Darken darken = 0
const Dashed dashed = 0
const Decimal decimal = 0
const DecimalLeadingZero decimalLeadingZero = 0
const Default defaultValue = 0
const Dense dense = 0
const Difference difference = 0
const Disc disc = 0
const Distribute distribute = 0
const Dotted dotted = 0
const Double double = 0
const EResize eResize = 0
const Ellipsis ellipsis = 0
const Em = 1i
const Embed embed = 0
const End end = 0
const EwResize ewResize = 0
const Exclusion exclusion = 0
const Expanded expanded = 0
const ExtraCondensed extraCondensed = 0
const ExtraExpanded extraExpanded = 0
const Fallback fallback = 0
const Fill fill = 0
const First first = 0
const Fixed fixed = 0
const Flat flat = 0
const Flex flex = 0
const FlexEnd flexEnd = 0
const FlexStart flexStart = 0
const ForceEnd forceEnd = 0
const Forwards forwards = 0
const From = 0
const FullWidth fullWidth = 0
const Georgian georgian = 0
const Groove groove = 0
const HardLight hardLight = 0
const Help help = 0
const Hidden hidden = 0
const Hide hide = 0
const HistoricalForms historicalForms = 0
const Horizontal horizontal = 0
const HorizontalTb horizontalTb = 0
const Hue hue = 0
const Icon icon = 0
const Infinite infinite = 0
const Inherit inherit = 0
const Initial initial = 0
const Inline inline = 0
const InlineBlock inlineBlock = 0
const InlineFlex inlineFlex = 0
const InlineTable inlineTable = 0
const Inset inset = 0
const Inside inside = 0
const InterWord interWord = 0
const Invert invert = 0
const Isolate isolate = 0
const Italic italic = 0
const Justify justify = 0
const KeepAll keepAll = 0
const Large large = 0
const Larger larger = 0
const Last last = 0
const Left left = 0
const Length length = 0
const Lighten lighten = 0
const Lighter lighter = 0
const LineThrough lineThrough = 0
const ListItem listItem = 0
const Local local = 0
const Loose loose = 0
const LowerAlpha lowerAlpha = 0
const LowerGreek lowerGreek = 0
const LowerLatin lowerLatin = 0
const LowerRoman lowerRoman = 0
const Lowercase lowercase = 0
const Ltr ltr = 0
const Luminosity luminosity = 0
const MatchParent matchParent = 0
const Maunal maunal = 0
const Medium medium = 0
const Middle middle = 0
const Mixed mixed = 0
const Move move = 0
const Multiply multiply = 0
const NResize nResize = 0
const NeResize neResize = 0
const NeswResize neswResize = 0
const NoCloseQuote noCloseQuote = 0
const NoDrop noDrop = 0
const NoOpenQuote noOpenQuote = 0
const NoRepeat noRepeat = 0
const None none = 0
const Normal normal = 0
const NotAllowed notAllowed = 0
const Nowrap nowrap = 0
const NsResize nsResize = 0
const NwResize nwResize = 0
const NwseResize nwseResize = 0
const Oblique oblique = 0
const OpenQuote openQuote = 0
const Optional optional = 0
const Outset outset = 0
const Outside outside = 0
const Overlay overlay = 0
const Overline overline = 0
const Page page = 0
const Paused paused = 0
const Pc = 1
const PetiteCaps petiteCaps = 0
const Pixelated pixelated = 0
const Pointer pointer = 0
const Pre pre = 0
const PreLine preLine = 0
const PreWrap preWrap = 0
const Preserve3d preserve3d = 0
const Progress progress = 0
const Px = 1i + 1
const Relative relative = 0
const Repeat repeat = 0
const RepeatX repeatX = 0
const RepeatY repeatY = 0
const Reverse reverse = 0
const Ridge ridge = 0
const Right right = 0
const Round round = 0
const Row row = 0
const RowResize rowResize = 0
const RowReverse rowReverse = 0
const Rtl rtl = 0
const RunIn runIn = 0
const Running running = 0
const SResize sResize = 0
const Saturation saturation = 0
const ScaleDown scaleDown = 0
const Screen screen = 0
const Scroll scroll = 0
const SeResize seResize = 0
const SemiCondensed semiCondensed = 0
const SemiExpanded semiExpanded = 0
const Seperate seperate = 0
const Shadow shadow = 0
const Show show = 0
const Sideways sideways = 0
const SidewaysLeft sidewaysLeft = 0
const SidewaysRight sidewaysRight = 0
const Slice slice = 0
const Small small = 0
const SmallCaps smallCaps = 0
const Smaller smaller = 0
const Smooth smooth = 0
const SoftLight softLight = 0
const Solid solid = 0
const Space space = 0
const SpaceAround spaceAround = 0
const SpaceBetween spaceBetween = 0
const SpaceEvenly spaceEvenly = 0
const Square square = 0
const Start start = 0
const Static static = 0
const Sticky sticky = 0
const Stretch stretch = 0
const Strict strict = 0
const StyleProperty styleProperty = 0
const Sub sub = 0
const Super super = 0
const SwResize swResize = 0
const Swap swap = 0
const Table table = 0
const TableCaption tableCaption = 0
const TableCell tableCell = 0
const TableColumn tableColumn = 0
const TableColumnGroup tableColumnGroup = 0
const TableFooterGroup tableFooterGroup = 0
const TableHeaderGroup tableHeaderGroup = 0
const TableRow tableRow = 0
const TableRowGroup tableRowGroup = 0
const Text text = 0
const TextBottom textBottom = 0
const TextTop textTop = 0
const Thick thick = 0
const Thin thin = 0
const TitlingCaps titlingCaps = 0
const To = 100
const Top top = 0
const Transparent transparent = 0
const UltraCondensed ultraCondensed = 0
const UltraExpanded ultraExpanded = 0
const Under under = 0
const Underline underline = 0
const Unicase unicase = 0
const Unset unset = 0
const UpperAlpha upperAlpha = 0
const UpperLatin upperLatin = 0
const UpperRoman upperRoman = 0
const Uppercase uppercase = 0
const Upright upright = 0
const UseGlyphOrientation useGlyphOrientation = 0
const Vertical vertical = 0
const VerticalLr verticalLr = 0
const VerticalRl verticalRl = 0
const VerticalText verticalText = 0
const Visible visible = 0
const Vm = 1i - 1
const WResize wResize = 0
const Wait wait = 0
const Wavy wavy = 0
const Weight weight = 0
const Wrap wrap = 0
const WrapReverse wrapReverse = 0
const XLarge xLarge = 0
const XSmall xSmall = 0
const XxLarge xxLarge = 0
const XxSmall xxSmall = 0
const Zero zero = 0
const ZoomIn zoomIn = 0
const ZoomOut zoomOut = 0


var EaseInOut animationTimingFunctionType = "ease-in-out"
var Linear animationTimingFunctionType = "linear"

func AnimationName Uses

func AnimationName(name string) animationNameValue

func Colour Uses

func Colour(c go_color.Color) colorType

Returns a CSS color.

func Decode Uses

func Decode(unit complex128) unitType

func FontSynthesis Uses

func FontSynthesis(weight, style bool) fontSynthesisValue

func Image Uses

func Image(url string) imageValue

func Integer Uses

func Integer(integer int) integerType

Returns a CSS number.

func LinearGradient Uses

func LinearGradient(direction float64, start, end colorValue) gradientType

func Number Uses

func Number(number float64) numberType

Returns a CSS number.

func Rotate Uses

func Rotate(angle float64) transformType

Returns a CSS time.

func RotateX Uses

func RotateX(angle float64) transformType

Returns a CSS time.

func Scale Uses

func Scale(x, y float64) transformType

Returns a CSS time.

func Skew Uses

func Skew(x, y float64) transformType

Returns a CSS time.

func Time Uses

func Time(seconds float64) timeType

Returns a CSS time.

func Translate Uses

func Translate(x, y unitType) transformType

Returns a CSS time.

func TranslateX Uses

func TranslateX(x unitType) transformType

Returns a CSS time.

func TranslateY Uses

func TranslateY(y unitType) transformType

Returns a CSS time.

type ColorValue Uses

type ColorValue = colorType

type FontFace Uses

type FontFace struct {
    FontFamily   string
    Src          urlType
    FontStretch  fontStretchValue
    FontStyle    fontStyleValue
    FontWeight   fontWeightValue
    FontDisplay  fontDisplayValue
    UnicodeRange unicodeRange

func NewFontFace Uses

func NewFontFace(name string, src string) FontFace

func (FontFace) Bytes Uses

func (font FontFace) Bytes() []byte

func (FontFace) Get Uses

func (font FontFace) Get(property string) string

func (FontFace) Set Uses

func (font FontFace) Set(property, value string)

func (FontFace) String Uses

func (font FontFace) String() string

type Implementation Uses

type Implementation map[string]string

The default style implementation.

func (Implementation) Bytes Uses

func (impl Implementation) Bytes() []byte

Returns a CSS style string formatted as bytes.

func (Implementation) Get Uses

func (impl Implementation) Get(property string) string

The raw get implementation.

func (Implementation) Set Uses

func (impl Implementation) Set(property, value string)

The raw set implementation.

type Keyframes Uses

type Keyframes map[float64]Style

func (Keyframes) Bytes Uses

func (k Keyframes) Bytes() []byte

type Property Uses

type Property = *Style

type Stylable Uses

type Stylable interface {
    Set(property, value string)
    Get(property string) (value string)
    Bytes() []byte

A stylable can be styled with raw CSS properties being set to raw CSS values.

type StylableSheet Uses

type StylableSheet interface {
    Set(selector string, style Stylable)
    Get(selector string) (style Stylable) //Returns nil if not found.
    Bytes() []byte

A CSS stylesheet interface.

type Style Uses

type Style struct {

A CSS style for a single element.

func NewStyle Uses

func NewStyle() Style

Returns a new style using the default style implementation.

func (Style) AlignContent Uses

func (style Style) AlignContent() alignContentValue

func (Style) AlignItems Uses

func (style Style) AlignItems() alignItemsValue

func (Style) AlignSelf Uses

func (style Style) AlignSelf() alignSelfValue

func (Style) All Uses

func (style Style) All() allValue

func (Style) Animation Uses

func (style Style) Animation() animationValue

func (Style) AnimationDelay Uses

func (style Style) AnimationDelay() durationValue

func (Style) AnimationDirection Uses

func (style Style) AnimationDirection() animationDirectionValue

func (Style) AnimationDuration Uses

func (style Style) AnimationDuration() durationValue

func (Style) AnimationFillMode Uses

func (style Style) AnimationFillMode() animationFillModeValue

func (Style) AnimationIterationCount Uses

func (style Style) AnimationIterationCount() animationIterationCountValue

func (Style) AnimationName Uses

func (style Style) AnimationName() animationNameValue

func (Style) AnimationPlayState Uses

func (style Style) AnimationPlayState() animationPlayStateValue

func (Style) AnimationTimingFunction Uses

func (style Style) AnimationTimingFunction() animationTimingFunctionValue

func (Style) BackfaceVisibility Uses

func (style Style) BackfaceVisibility() backfaceVisibilityValue

func (Style) Background Uses

func (style Style) Background() backgroundValue

func (Style) BackgroundAttachment Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundAttachment() backgroundAttachmentValue

func (Style) BackgroundBlendMode Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundBlendMode() backgroundBlendModeValue

func (Style) BackgroundClip Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundClip() boxValue

func (Style) BackgroundColor Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundColor() colorValue

func (Style) BackgroundImage Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundImage() imageValue

func (Style) BackgroundOrigin Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundOrigin() backgroundOriginValue

func (Style) BackgroundPosition Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundPosition() unitAndUnitValue

func (Style) BackgroundRepeat Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundRepeat() backgroundRepeatValue

func (Style) BackgroundSize Uses

func (style Style) BackgroundSize() sizeValue

func (Style) Border Uses

func (style Style) Border() borderValue

func (Style) BorderBottom Uses

func (style Style) BorderBottom() borderBottomValue

func (Style) BorderBottomColor Uses

func (style Style) BorderBottomColor() colorValue

func (Style) BorderBottomLeftRadius Uses

func (style Style) BorderBottomLeftRadius() unitValue

func (Style) BorderBottomRightRadius Uses

func (style Style) BorderBottomRightRadius() unitValue

func (Style) BorderBottomStyle Uses

func (style Style) BorderBottomStyle() borderStyleValue

func (Style) BorderBottomWidth Uses

func (style Style) BorderBottomWidth() thicknessValue

func (Style) BorderCollapse Uses

func (style Style) BorderCollapse() borderCollapseValue

func (Style) BorderColor Uses

func (style Style) BorderColor() colorValue

func (Style) BorderImage Uses

func (style Style) BorderImage() borderImageValue

func (Style) BorderImageOutset Uses

func (style Style) BorderImageOutset() uintOrUnitValue

func (Style) BorderImageRepeat Uses

func (style Style) BorderImageRepeat() borderImageRepeatValue

func (Style) BorderImageSlice Uses

func (style Style) BorderImageSlice() borderImageSliceValue

func (Style) BorderImageSource Uses

func (style Style) BorderImageSource() imageValue

func (Style) BorderImageWidth Uses

func (style Style) BorderImageWidth() sizeValue

func (Style) BorderLeft Uses

func (style Style) BorderLeft() borderLeftValue

func (Style) BorderLeftColor Uses

func (style Style) BorderLeftColor() sizeValue

func (Style) BorderLeftStyle Uses

func (style Style) BorderLeftStyle() borderStyleValue

func (Style) BorderLeftWidth Uses

func (style Style) BorderLeftWidth() thicknessValue

func (Style) BorderRadius Uses

func (style Style) BorderRadius() borderRadiusValue

func (Style) BorderRight Uses

func (style Style) BorderRight() borderRightValue

func (Style) BorderRightColor Uses

func (style Style) BorderRightColor() colorValue

func (Style) BorderRightStyle Uses

func (style Style) BorderRightStyle() borderStyleValue

func (Style) BorderRightWidth Uses

func (style Style) BorderRightWidth() thicknessValue

func (Style) BorderSpacing Uses

func (style Style) BorderSpacing() unitValue

func (Style) BorderStyle Uses

func (style Style) BorderStyle() borderStyleValue

func (Style) BorderTop Uses

func (style Style) BorderTop() borderTopValue

func (Style) BorderTopColor Uses

func (style Style) BorderTopColor() colorValue

func (Style) BorderTopLeftRadius Uses

func (style Style) BorderTopLeftRadius() borderTopLeftRadiusValue

func (Style) BorderTopRightRadius Uses

func (style Style) BorderTopRightRadius() borderTopRightRadiusValue

func (Style) BorderTopStyle Uses

func (style Style) BorderTopStyle() borderStyleValue

func (Style) BorderTopWidth Uses

func (style Style) BorderTopWidth() thicknessValue

func (Style) BorderWidth Uses

func (style Style) BorderWidth() thicknessValue

func (Style) Bottom Uses

func (style Style) Bottom() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) BoxDecorationBreak Uses

func (style Style) BoxDecorationBreak() boxDecorationBreakValue

func (Style) BoxShadow Uses

func (style Style) BoxShadow() shadowValue

func (Style) BoxSizing Uses

func (style Style) BoxSizing() boxValue

func (Style) BreakAfter Uses

func (style Style) BreakAfter() breakValue

func (Style) BreakBefore Uses

func (style Style) BreakBefore() breakValue

func (Style) BreakInside Uses

func (style Style) BreakInside() breakInsideValue

func (Style) CSS Uses

func (style Style) CSS() Style

func (Style) CaptionSide Uses

func (style Style) CaptionSide() captionSideValue

func (Style) Clear Uses

func (style Style) Clear() clearValue

func (Style) Clip Uses

func (style Style) Clip() clipValue

func (Style) Color Uses

func (style Style) Color() colorValue

func (Style) ColumnCount Uses

func (style Style) ColumnCount() columnCountValue

func (Style) ColumnFill Uses

func (style Style) ColumnFill() columnFillValue

func (Style) ColumnGap Uses

func (style Style) ColumnGap() columnGapValue

func (Style) ColumnRule Uses

func (style Style) ColumnRule() columnRuleValue

func (Style) ColumnRuleColor Uses

func (style Style) ColumnRuleColor() colorValue

func (Style) ColumnRuleStyle Uses

func (style Style) ColumnRuleStyle() borderStyleValue

func (Style) ColumnRuleWidth Uses

func (style Style) ColumnRuleWidth() columnRuleWidthValue

func (Style) ColumnSpan Uses

func (style Style) ColumnSpan() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) ColumnWidth Uses

func (style Style) ColumnWidth() columnWidthValue

func (Style) Columns Uses

func (style Style) Columns() columnsValue

func (Style) Content Uses

func (style Style) Content() contentValue

func (Style) CounterIncrement Uses

func (style Style) CounterIncrement() counterIncrementValue

func (Style) CounterReset Uses

func (style Style) CounterReset() nameValue

func (Style) Cursor Uses

func (style Style) Cursor() cursorValue

func (Style) Direction Uses

func (style Style) Direction() directionValue

func (Style) Display Uses

func (style Style) Display() displayValue

func (Style) EmptyCells Uses

func (style Style) EmptyCells() emptyCellsValue

func (Style) Filter Uses

func (style Style) Filter() filterValue

func (Style) Flex Uses

func (style Style) Flex() flexValue

func (Style) FlexBasis Uses

func (style Style) FlexBasis() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) FlexDirection Uses

func (style Style) FlexDirection() flexDirectionValue

func (Style) FlexFlow Uses

func (style Style) FlexFlow() flexFlowValue

func (Style) FlexGrow Uses

func (style Style) FlexGrow() numberValue

func (Style) FlexShrink Uses

func (style Style) FlexShrink() numberValue

func (Style) FlexWrap Uses

func (style Style) FlexWrap() flexWrapValue

func (Style) Float Uses

func (style Style) Float() floatValue

func (Style) Font Uses

func (style Style) Font() fontValue

func (Style) FontDisplay Uses

func (style Style) FontDisplay() fontDisplayValue

func (Style) FontFamily Uses

func (style Style) FontFamily() fontFamilyValue

func (Style) FontFeatureSettings Uses

func (style Style) FontFeatureSettings() fontFeatureSettingsValue

func (Style) FontKerning Uses

func (style Style) FontKerning() normalOrAutoValue

func (Style) FontLanguageOverride Uses

func (style Style) FontLanguageOverride() fontLanguageOverrideValue

func (Style) FontSize Uses

func (style Style) FontSize() fontSizeValue

func (Style) FontSizeAdjust Uses

func (style Style) FontSizeAdjust() fontSizeAdjustValue

func (Style) FontStretch Uses

func (style Style) FontStretch() fontStretchValue

func (Style) FontStyle Uses

func (style Style) FontStyle() fontStyleValue

func (Style) FontVariant Uses

func (style Style) FontVariant() fontVariantValue

func (Style) FontVariantAlternates Uses

func (style Style) FontVariantAlternates() fontVariantAlternatesValue

func (Style) FontVariantCaps Uses

func (style Style) FontVariantCaps() fontVariantCapsValue

func (Style) FontVariantEastAsian Uses

func (style Style) FontVariantEastAsian() fontVariantEastAsianValue

func (Style) FontVariantLigatures Uses

func (style Style) FontVariantLigatures() fontVariantLigaturesValue

func (Style) FontVariantNumeric Uses

func (style Style) FontVariantNumeric() fontVariantNumericValue

func (Style) FontVariantPosition Uses

func (style Style) FontVariantPosition() fontVariantPositionValue

func (Style) FontWeight Uses

func (style Style) FontWeight() fontWeightValue

func (Style) Grid Uses

func (style Style) Grid() gridValue

func (Style) GridArea Uses

func (style Style) GridArea() gridAreaValue

func (Style) GridAutoColumns Uses

func (style Style) GridAutoColumns() gridAutoValue

func (Style) GridAutoFlow Uses

func (style Style) GridAutoFlow() gridAutoFlowValue

func (Style) GridAutoRows Uses

func (style Style) GridAutoRows() gridAutoValue

func (Style) GridColumn Uses

func (style Style) GridColumn() gridColumnValue

func (Style) GridColumnEnd Uses

func (style Style) GridColumnEnd() gridStopValue

func (Style) GridColumnGap Uses

func (style Style) GridColumnGap() unitValue

func (Style) GridColumnStart Uses

func (style Style) GridColumnStart() gridStopValue

func (Style) GridGap Uses

func (style Style) GridGap() gridGapValue

func (Style) GridRow Uses

func (style Style) GridRow() gridRowValue

func (Style) GridRowEnd Uses

func (style Style) GridRowEnd() gridStopValue

func (Style) GridRowGap Uses

func (style Style) GridRowGap() unitValue

func (Style) GridRowStart Uses

func (style Style) GridRowStart() gridStopValue

func (Style) GridTemplate Uses

func (style Style) GridTemplate() gridTemplateValue

func (Style) HangingPunctuation Uses

func (style Style) HangingPunctuation() hangingPunctuationValue

func (Style) Height Uses

func (style Style) Height() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) Hyphens Uses

func (style Style) Hyphens() hyphensValue

func (Style) ImageRendering Uses

func (style Style) ImageRendering() imageRenderingValue

func (Style) Isolation Uses

func (style Style) Isolation() isolationValue

func (Style) JustifyContent Uses

func (style Style) JustifyContent() justifyContentValue

func (Style) Left Uses

func (style Style) Left() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) LetterSpacing Uses

func (style Style) LetterSpacing() normalOrUnitOrAutoValue

func (Style) LineBreak Uses

func (style Style) LineBreak() lineBreakValue

func (Style) LineHeight Uses

func (style Style) LineHeight() lineHeightValue

func (Style) ListStyle Uses

func (style Style) ListStyle() listStyleValue

func (Style) ListStyleImage Uses

func (style Style) ListStyleImage() imageValue

func (Style) ListStylePosition Uses

func (style Style) ListStylePosition() listStylePositionValue

func (Style) ListStyleType Uses

func (style Style) ListStyleType() listStyleTypeValue

func (Style) Margin Uses

func (style Style) Margin() marginValue

func (Style) MarginBottom Uses

func (style Style) MarginBottom() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) MarginLeft Uses

func (style Style) MarginLeft() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) MarginRight Uses

func (style Style) MarginRight() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) MarginTop Uses

func (style Style) MarginTop() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) MaxHeight Uses

func (style Style) MaxHeight() unitOrNoneValue

func (Style) MaxWidth Uses

func (style Style) MaxWidth() unitOrNoneValue

func (Style) MinHeight Uses

func (style Style) MinHeight() unitOrNoneValue

func (Style) MinWidth Uses

func (style Style) MinWidth() unitOrNoneValue

func (Style) MixBlendMode Uses

func (style Style) MixBlendMode() mixBlendModeValue

func (Style) ObjectFit Uses

func (style Style) ObjectFit() objectFitValue

func (Style) ObjectPosition Uses

func (style Style) ObjectPosition() unitAndUnitValue

func (Style) Opacity Uses

func (style Style) Opacity() numberValue

func (Style) Order Uses

func (style Style) Order() orderValue

func (Style) Orphans Uses

func (style Style) Orphans() uintValue

func (Style) Outline Uses

func (style Style) Outline() outlineValue

func (Style) OutlineColor Uses

func (style Style) OutlineColor() colorValue

func (Style) OutlineOffset Uses

func (style Style) OutlineOffset() unitValue

func (Style) OutlineStyle Uses

func (style Style) OutlineStyle() borderStyleValue

func (Style) OutlineWidth Uses

func (style Style) OutlineWidth() thicknessValue

func (Style) Overflow Uses

func (style Style) Overflow() overflowValue

func (Style) OverflowWrap Uses

func (style Style) OverflowWrap() overflowWrapValue

func (Style) OverflowX Uses

func (style Style) OverflowX() overflowValue

func (Style) OverflowY Uses

func (style Style) OverflowY() overflowValue

func (Style) Padding Uses

func (style Style) Padding() paddingValue

func (Style) PaddingBottom Uses

func (style Style) PaddingBottom() unitValue

func (Style) PaddingLeft Uses

func (style Style) PaddingLeft() unitValue

func (Style) PaddingRight Uses

func (style Style) PaddingRight() unitValue

func (Style) PaddingTop Uses

func (style Style) PaddingTop() unitValue

func (Style) PageBreakAfter Uses

func (style Style) PageBreakAfter() pageBreakValue

func (Style) PageBreakBefore Uses

func (style Style) PageBreakBefore() pageBreakValue

func (Style) PageBreakInside Uses

func (style Style) PageBreakInside() pageBreakInsideValue

func (Style) Perspective Uses

func (style Style) Perspective() unitOrNoneValue

func (Style) PerspectiveOrigin Uses

func (style Style) PerspectiveOrigin() unitAndUnitValue

func (Style) PointerEvents Uses

func (style Style) PointerEvents() pointerEventsValue

func (Style) Position Uses

func (style Style) Position() positionValue

func (Style) Resize Uses

func (style Style) Resize() resizeValue

func (Style) Right Uses

func (style Style) Right() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) ScrollBehavior Uses

func (style Style) ScrollBehavior() scrollBehaviorValue

func (Style) SetAlignContent Uses

func (style Style) SetAlignContent(value alignContentValue)

func (Style) SetAlignItems Uses

func (style Style) SetAlignItems(value alignItemsValue)

func (Style) SetAlignSelf Uses

func (style Style) SetAlignSelf(value alignSelfValue)

func (Style) SetAll Uses

func (style Style) SetAll(value allValue)

func (Style) SetAnimation Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimation(value animationValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationDelay Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationDelay(value durationValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationDirection Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationDirection(value animationDirectionValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationDuration Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationDuration(value durationValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationFillMode Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationFillMode(value animationFillModeValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationIterationCount Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationIterationCount(value animationIterationCountValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationName Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationName(value animationNameValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationPlayState Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationPlayState(value animationPlayStateValue)

func (Style) SetAnimationTimingFunction Uses

func (style Style) SetAnimationTimingFunction(value animationTimingFunctionValue)

func (Style) SetBackfaceVisibility Uses

func (style Style) SetBackfaceVisibility(value backfaceVisibilityValue)

func (Style) SetBackground Uses

func (style Style) SetBackground(value backgroundValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundAttachment Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundAttachment(value backgroundAttachmentValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundBlendMode Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundBlendMode(value backgroundBlendModeValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundClip Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundClip(value boxValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundColor Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundImage Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundImage(value imageValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundOrigin Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundOrigin(value backgroundOriginValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundPosition Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundPosition(value unitAndUnitValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundRepeat Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundRepeat(value backgroundRepeatValue)

func (Style) SetBackgroundSize Uses

func (style Style) SetBackgroundSize(value sizeValue)

func (Style) SetBorder Uses

func (style Style) SetBorder(value borderValue)

func (Style) SetBorderBottom Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderBottom(value borderBottomValue)

func (Style) SetBorderBottomColor Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderBottomColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetBorderBottomLeftRadius Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderBottomLeftRadius(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetBorderBottomRightRadius Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderBottomRightRadius(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetBorderBottomStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderBottomStyle(value borderStyleValue)

func (Style) SetBorderBottomWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderBottomWidth(value thicknessValue)

func (Style) SetBorderCollapse Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderCollapse(value borderCollapseValue)

func (Style) SetBorderColor Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetBorderImage Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderImage(value borderImageValue)

func (Style) SetBorderImageOutset Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderImageOutset(value uintOrUnitValue)

func (Style) SetBorderImageRepeat Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderImageRepeat(value borderImageRepeatValue)

func (Style) SetBorderImageSlice Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderImageSlice(value borderImageSliceValue)

func (Style) SetBorderImageSource Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderImageSource(value imageValue)

func (Style) SetBorderImageWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderImageWidth(value sizeValue)

func (Style) SetBorderLeft Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderLeft(value borderLeftValue)

func (Style) SetBorderLeftColor Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderLeftColor(value sizeValue)

func (Style) SetBorderLeftStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderLeftStyle(value borderStyleValue)

func (Style) SetBorderLeftWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderLeftWidth(value thicknessValue)

func (Style) SetBorderRadius Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderRadius(value borderRadiusValue)

func (Style) SetBorderRight Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderRight(value borderRightValue)

func (Style) SetBorderRightColor Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderRightColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetBorderRightStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderRightStyle(value borderStyleValue)

func (Style) SetBorderRightWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderRightWidth(value thicknessValue)

func (Style) SetBorderSpacing Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderSpacing(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetBorderStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderStyle(value borderStyleValue)

func (Style) SetBorderTop Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderTop(value borderTopValue)

func (Style) SetBorderTopColor Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderTopColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetBorderTopLeftRadius Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderTopLeftRadius(value borderTopLeftRadiusValue)

func (Style) SetBorderTopRightRadius Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderTopRightRadius(value borderTopRightRadiusValue)

func (Style) SetBorderTopStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderTopStyle(value borderStyleValue)

func (Style) SetBorderTopWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderTopWidth(value thicknessValue)

func (Style) SetBorderWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetBorderWidth(value thicknessValue)

func (Style) SetBottom Uses

func (style Style) SetBottom(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetBoxDecorationBreak Uses

func (style Style) SetBoxDecorationBreak(value boxDecorationBreakValue)

func (Style) SetBoxShadow Uses

func (style Style) SetBoxShadow(value shadowValue)

func (Style) SetBoxSizing Uses

func (style Style) SetBoxSizing(value boxValue)

func (Style) SetBreakAfter Uses

func (style Style) SetBreakAfter(value breakValue)

func (Style) SetBreakBefore Uses

func (style Style) SetBreakBefore(value breakValue)

func (Style) SetBreakInside Uses

func (style Style) SetBreakInside(value breakInsideValue)

func (Style) SetCaptionSide Uses

func (style Style) SetCaptionSide(value captionSideValue)

func (Style) SetClear Uses

func (style Style) SetClear(value clearValue)

func (Style) SetClip Uses

func (style Style) SetClip(value clipValue)

func (Style) SetColor Uses

func (style Style) SetColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetColumnCount Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnCount(value columnCountValue)

func (Style) SetColumnFill Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnFill(value columnFillValue)

func (Style) SetColumnGap Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnGap(value columnGapValue)

func (Style) SetColumnRule Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnRule(value columnRuleValue)

func (Style) SetColumnRuleColor Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnRuleColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetColumnRuleStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnRuleStyle(value borderStyleValue)

func (Style) SetColumnRuleWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnRuleWidth(value columnRuleWidthValue)

func (Style) SetColumnSpan Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnSpan(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetColumnWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetColumnWidth(value columnWidthValue)

func (Style) SetColumns Uses

func (style Style) SetColumns(value columnsValue)

func (Style) SetContent Uses

func (style Style) SetContent(value contentValue)

func (Style) SetCounterIncrement Uses

func (style Style) SetCounterIncrement(value counterIncrementValue)

func (Style) SetCounterReset Uses

func (style Style) SetCounterReset(value nameValue)

func (Style) SetCursor Uses

func (style Style) SetCursor(value cursorValue)

func (Style) SetDirection Uses

func (style Style) SetDirection(value directionValue)

func (Style) SetDisplay Uses

func (style Style) SetDisplay(value displayValue)

func (Style) SetEmptyCells Uses

func (style Style) SetEmptyCells(value emptyCellsValue)

func (Style) SetFilter Uses

func (style Style) SetFilter(value filterValue)

func (Style) SetFlex Uses

func (style Style) SetFlex(value flexValue)

func (Style) SetFlexBasis Uses

func (style Style) SetFlexBasis(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetFlexDirection Uses

func (style Style) SetFlexDirection(value flexDirectionValue)

func (Style) SetFlexFlow Uses

func (style Style) SetFlexFlow(value flexFlowValue)

func (Style) SetFlexGrow Uses

func (style Style) SetFlexGrow(value numberValue)

func (Style) SetFlexShrink Uses

func (style Style) SetFlexShrink(value numberValue)

func (Style) SetFlexWrap Uses

func (style Style) SetFlexWrap(value flexWrapValue)

func (Style) SetFloat Uses

func (style Style) SetFloat(value floatValue)

func (Style) SetFont Uses

func (style Style) SetFont(value fontValue)

func (Style) SetFontDisplay Uses

func (style Style) SetFontDisplay(value fontDisplayValue)

func (Style) SetFontFamily Uses

func (style Style) SetFontFamily(value fontFamilyValue)

func (Style) SetFontFeatureSettings Uses

func (style Style) SetFontFeatureSettings(value fontFeatureSettingsValue)

func (Style) SetFontKerning Uses

func (style Style) SetFontKerning(value normalOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetFontLanguageOverride Uses

func (style Style) SetFontLanguageOverride(value fontLanguageOverrideValue)

func (Style) SetFontSize Uses

func (style Style) SetFontSize(value fontSizeValue)

func (Style) SetFontSizeAdjust Uses

func (style Style) SetFontSizeAdjust(value fontSizeAdjustValue)

func (Style) SetFontStretch Uses

func (style Style) SetFontStretch(value fontStretchValue)

func (Style) SetFontStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetFontStyle(value fontStyleValue)

func (Style) SetFontSynthesis Uses

func (style Style) SetFontSynthesis(value fontSynthesisValue)

func (Style) SetFontVariant Uses

func (style Style) SetFontVariant(value fontVariantValue)

func (Style) SetFontVariantAlternates Uses

func (style Style) SetFontVariantAlternates(value fontVariantAlternatesValue)

func (Style) SetFontVariantCaps Uses

func (style Style) SetFontVariantCaps(value fontVariantCapsValue)

func (Style) SetFontVariantEastAsian Uses

func (style Style) SetFontVariantEastAsian(value fontVariantEastAsianValue)

func (Style) SetFontVariantLigatures Uses

func (style Style) SetFontVariantLigatures(value fontVariantLigaturesValue)

func (Style) SetFontVariantNumeric Uses

func (style Style) SetFontVariantNumeric(value fontVariantNumericValue)

func (Style) SetFontVariantPosition Uses

func (style Style) SetFontVariantPosition(value fontVariantPositionValue)

func (Style) SetFontWeight Uses

func (style Style) SetFontWeight(value fontWeightValue)

func (Style) SetGrid Uses

func (style Style) SetGrid(value gridValue)

func (Style) SetGridArea Uses

func (style Style) SetGridArea(value gridAreaValue)

func (Style) SetGridAutoColumns Uses

func (style Style) SetGridAutoColumns(value gridAutoValue)

func (Style) SetGridAutoFlow Uses

func (style Style) SetGridAutoFlow(value gridAutoFlowValue)

func (Style) SetGridAutoRows Uses

func (style Style) SetGridAutoRows(value gridAutoValue)

func (Style) SetGridColumn Uses

func (style Style) SetGridColumn(value gridColumnValue)

func (Style) SetGridColumnEnd Uses

func (style Style) SetGridColumnEnd(value gridStopValue)

func (Style) SetGridColumnGap Uses

func (style Style) SetGridColumnGap(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetGridColumnStart Uses

func (style Style) SetGridColumnStart(value gridStopValue)

func (Style) SetGridGap Uses

func (style Style) SetGridGap(value gridGapValue)

func (Style) SetGridRow Uses

func (style Style) SetGridRow(value gridRowValue)

func (Style) SetGridRowEnd Uses

func (style Style) SetGridRowEnd(value gridStopValue)

func (Style) SetGridRowGap Uses

func (style Style) SetGridRowGap(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetGridRowStart Uses

func (style Style) SetGridRowStart(value gridStopValue)

func (Style) SetGridTemplate Uses

func (style Style) SetGridTemplate(value gridTemplateValue)

func (Style) SetGridTemplateAreas Uses

func (style Style) SetGridTemplateAreas(names []string)

func (Style) SetGridTemplateColumns Uses

func (style Style) SetGridTemplateColumns(values []gridTemplateValue)

func (Style) SetGridTemplateRows Uses

func (style Style) SetGridTemplateRows(values []gridTemplateValue)

func (Style) SetHangingPunctuation Uses

func (style Style) SetHangingPunctuation(value hangingPunctuationValue)

func (Style) SetHeight Uses

func (style Style) SetHeight(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetHyphens Uses

func (style Style) SetHyphens(value hyphensValue)

func (Style) SetImageRendering Uses

func (style Style) SetImageRendering(value imageRenderingValue)

func (Style) SetIsolation Uses

func (style Style) SetIsolation(value isolationValue)

func (Style) SetJustifyContent Uses

func (style Style) SetJustifyContent(value justifyContentValue)

func (Style) SetLeft Uses

func (style Style) SetLeft(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetLetterSpacing Uses

func (style Style) SetLetterSpacing(value normalOrUnitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetLineBreak Uses

func (style Style) SetLineBreak(value lineBreakValue)

func (Style) SetLineHeight Uses

func (style Style) SetLineHeight(value lineHeightValue)

func (Style) SetListStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetListStyle(value listStyleValue)

func (Style) SetListStyleImage Uses

func (style Style) SetListStyleImage(value imageValue)

func (Style) SetListStylePosition Uses

func (style Style) SetListStylePosition(value listStylePositionValue)

func (Style) SetListStyleType Uses

func (style Style) SetListStyleType(value listStyleTypeValue)

func (Style) SetMargin Uses

func (style Style) SetMargin(value marginValue)

func (Style) SetMarginBottom Uses

func (style Style) SetMarginBottom(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetMarginLeft Uses

func (style Style) SetMarginLeft(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetMarginRight Uses

func (style Style) SetMarginRight(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetMarginTop Uses

func (style Style) SetMarginTop(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetMaxHeight Uses

func (style Style) SetMaxHeight(value unitOrNoneValue)

func (Style) SetMaxWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetMaxWidth(value unitOrNoneValue)

func (Style) SetMinHeight Uses

func (style Style) SetMinHeight(value unitOrNoneValue)

func (Style) SetMinWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetMinWidth(value unitOrNoneValue)

func (Style) SetMixBlendMode Uses

func (style Style) SetMixBlendMode(value mixBlendModeValue)

func (Style) SetObjectFit Uses

func (style Style) SetObjectFit(value objectFitValue)

func (Style) SetObjectPosition Uses

func (style Style) SetObjectPosition(value unitAndUnitValue)

func (Style) SetOpacity Uses

func (style Style) SetOpacity(value numberValue)

func (Style) SetOrder Uses

func (style Style) SetOrder(value orderValue)

func (Style) SetOrphans Uses

func (style Style) SetOrphans(value uintValue)

func (Style) SetOutline Uses

func (style Style) SetOutline(value outlineValue)

func (Style) SetOutlineColor Uses

func (style Style) SetOutlineColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetOutlineOffset Uses

func (style Style) SetOutlineOffset(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetOutlineStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetOutlineStyle(value borderStyleValue)

func (Style) SetOutlineWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetOutlineWidth(value thicknessValue)

func (Style) SetOverflow Uses

func (style Style) SetOverflow(value overflowValue)

func (Style) SetOverflowWrap Uses

func (style Style) SetOverflowWrap(value overflowWrapValue)

func (Style) SetOverflowX Uses

func (style Style) SetOverflowX(value overflowValue)

func (Style) SetOverflowY Uses

func (style Style) SetOverflowY(value overflowValue)

func (Style) SetPadding Uses

func (style Style) SetPadding(value paddingValue)

func (Style) SetPaddingBottom Uses

func (style Style) SetPaddingBottom(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetPaddingLeft Uses

func (style Style) SetPaddingLeft(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetPaddingRight Uses

func (style Style) SetPaddingRight(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetPaddingTop Uses

func (style Style) SetPaddingTop(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetPageBreakAfter Uses

func (style Style) SetPageBreakAfter(value pageBreakValue)

func (Style) SetPageBreakBefore Uses

func (style Style) SetPageBreakBefore(value pageBreakValue)

func (Style) SetPageBreakInside Uses

func (style Style) SetPageBreakInside(value pageBreakInsideValue)

func (Style) SetPerspective Uses

func (style Style) SetPerspective(value unitOrNoneValue)

func (Style) SetPerspectiveOrigin Uses

func (style Style) SetPerspectiveOrigin(value unitAndUnitValue)

func (Style) SetPointerEvents Uses

func (style Style) SetPointerEvents(value pointerEventsValue)

func (Style) SetPosition Uses

func (style Style) SetPosition(value positionValue)

func (Style) SetQuotes Uses

func (style Style) SetQuotes(quotes []string)

func (Style) SetResize Uses

func (style Style) SetResize(value resizeValue)

func (Style) SetRight Uses

func (style Style) SetRight(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetScrollBehavior Uses

func (style Style) SetScrollBehavior(value scrollBehaviorValue)

func (Style) SetTabSize Uses

func (style Style) SetTabSize(value numberValue)

func (Style) SetTableLayout Uses

func (style Style) SetTableLayout(value tableLayoutValue)

func (Style) SetTextAlign Uses

func (style Style) SetTextAlign(value textAlignValue)

func (Style) SetTextAlignLast Uses

func (style Style) SetTextAlignLast(value textAlignLastValue)

func (Style) SetTextCombineUpright Uses

func (style Style) SetTextCombineUpright(value textCombineUprightValue)

func (Style) SetTextDecoration Uses

func (style Style) SetTextDecoration(value textDecorationValue)

func (Style) SetTextDecorationColor Uses

func (style Style) SetTextDecorationColor(value colorValue)

func (Style) SetTextDecorationLine Uses

func (style Style) SetTextDecorationLine(value textDecorationLineValue)

func (Style) SetTextDecorationStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetTextDecorationStyle(value textDecorationStyleValue)

func (Style) SetTextIndent Uses

func (style Style) SetTextIndent(value unitValue)

func (Style) SetTextJustify Uses

func (style Style) SetTextJustify(value textJustifyValue)

func (Style) SetTextOrientation Uses

func (style Style) SetTextOrientation(value textOrientationValue)

func (Style) SetTextOverflow Uses

func (style Style) SetTextOverflow(value textOverflowValue)

func (Style) SetTextShadow Uses

func (style Style) SetTextShadow(value shadowValue)

func (Style) SetTextTransform Uses

func (style Style) SetTextTransform(value textTransformValue)

func (Style) SetTextUnderlinePosition Uses

func (style Style) SetTextUnderlinePosition(value textUnderlinePositionValue)

func (Style) SetTop Uses

func (style Style) SetTop(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetTransform Uses

func (style Style) SetTransform(value transformValue)

func (Style) SetTransformOrigin Uses

func (style Style) SetTransformOrigin(p positionValue, z ...unitValue)

func (Style) SetTransformStyle Uses

func (style Style) SetTransformStyle(value transformStyleValue)

func (Style) SetTransition Uses

func (style Style) SetTransition(value transitionValue)

func (Style) SetTransitionDelay Uses

func (style Style) SetTransitionDelay(value transitionDelayValue)

func (Style) SetTransitionDuration Uses

func (style Style) SetTransitionDuration(value transitionDurationValue)

func (Style) SetTransitionProperty Uses

func (style Style) SetTransitionProperty(properties ...interface{})

func (Style) SetTransitionTimingFunction Uses

func (style Style) SetTransitionTimingFunction(value transitionTimingFunctionValue)

func (Style) SetUnicodeBidi Uses

func (style Style) SetUnicodeBidi(value unicodeBidiValue)

func (Style) SetUserSelect Uses

func (style Style) SetUserSelect(value userSelectValue)

func (Style) SetVerticalAlign Uses

func (style Style) SetVerticalAlign(value verticalAlignValue)

func (Style) SetVisibility Uses

func (style Style) SetVisibility(value visibilityValue)

func (Style) SetWhiteSpace Uses

func (style Style) SetWhiteSpace(value uintValue)

func (Style) SetWidows Uses

func (style Style) SetWidows(value widowsValue)

func (Style) SetWidth Uses

func (style Style) SetWidth(value unitOrAutoValue)

func (Style) SetWillChange Uses

func (style Style) SetWillChange(properties ...interface{})

func (Style) SetWordBreak Uses

func (style Style) SetWordBreak(value wordBreakValue)

func (Style) SetWordSpacing Uses

func (style Style) SetWordSpacing(value wordSpacingValue)

func (Style) SetWordWrap Uses

func (style Style) SetWordWrap(value wordWrapValue)

func (Style) SetWritingMode Uses

func (style Style) SetWritingMode(value writingModeValue)

func (Style) SetZIndex Uses

func (style Style) SetZIndex(value integerOrAutoValue)

func (Style) String Uses

func (style Style) String() string

This returns the CSS style string for the style. /panics if style implementation is not renderable.

func (Style) TabSize Uses

func (style Style) TabSize() numberValue

func (Style) TableLayout Uses

func (style Style) TableLayout() tableLayoutValue

func (Style) TextAlign Uses

func (style Style) TextAlign() textAlignValue

func (Style) TextAlignLast Uses

func (style Style) TextAlignLast() textAlignLastValue

func (Style) TextCombineUpright Uses

func (style Style) TextCombineUpright() textCombineUprightValue

func (Style) TextDecoration Uses

func (style Style) TextDecoration() textDecorationValue

func (Style) TextDecorationColor Uses

func (style Style) TextDecorationColor() colorValue

func (Style) TextDecorationLine Uses

func (style Style) TextDecorationLine() textDecorationLineValue

func (Style) TextDecorationStyle Uses

func (style Style) TextDecorationStyle() textDecorationStyleValue

func (Style) TextIndent Uses

func (style Style) TextIndent() unitValue

func (Style) TextJustify Uses

func (style Style) TextJustify() textJustifyValue

func (Style) TextOrientation Uses

func (style Style) TextOrientation() textOrientationValue

func (Style) TextOverflow Uses

func (style Style) TextOverflow() textOverflowValue

func (Style) TextShadow Uses

func (style Style) TextShadow() shadowValue

func (Style) TextTransform Uses

func (style Style) TextTransform() textTransformValue

func (Style) TextUnderlinePosition Uses

func (style Style) TextUnderlinePosition() textUnderlinePositionValue

func (Style) Top Uses

func (style Style) Top() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) Transform Uses

func (style Style) Transform() transformValue

func (Style) TransformStyle Uses

func (style Style) TransformStyle() transformStyleValue

func (Style) Transition Uses

func (style Style) Transition() transitionValue

func (Style) TransitionDelay Uses

func (style Style) TransitionDelay() transitionDelayValue

func (Style) TransitionDuration Uses

func (style Style) TransitionDuration() transitionDurationValue

func (Style) TransitionTimingFunction Uses

func (style Style) TransitionTimingFunction() transitionTimingFunctionValue

func (Style) UnicodeBidi Uses

func (style Style) UnicodeBidi() unicodeBidiValue

func (Style) UserSelect Uses

func (style Style) UserSelect() userSelectValue

func (Style) VerticalAlign Uses

func (style Style) VerticalAlign() verticalAlignValue

func (Style) Visibility Uses

func (style Style) Visibility() visibilityValue

func (Style) WhiteSpace Uses

func (style Style) WhiteSpace() uintValue

func (Style) Widows Uses

func (style Style) Widows() widowsValue

func (Style) Width Uses

func (style Style) Width() unitOrAutoValue

func (Style) WordBreak Uses

func (style Style) WordBreak() wordBreakValue

func (Style) WordSpacing Uses

func (style Style) WordSpacing() wordSpacingValue

func (Style) WordWrap Uses

func (style Style) WordWrap() wordWrapValue

func (Style) WritingMode Uses

func (style Style) WritingMode() writingModeValue

func (Style) ZIndex Uses

func (style Style) ZIndex() integerOrAutoValue

type StyleSheet Uses

type StyleSheet map[string]Stylable

A complete CSS Stylesheet with each selector having a style.

func (StyleSheet) Add Uses

func (sheet StyleSheet) Add(selector string, style Stylable)

Add a new CSS style for the specified CSS selector.

func (StyleSheet) Bytes Uses

func (sheet StyleSheet) Bytes() []byte

This returns the CSS style string for the style formatted as bytes.

func (StyleSheet) Get Uses

func (sheet StyleSheet) Get(selector string) Stylable

Retrieve the CSS style for the specified CSS selector.



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