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package unit

import ""

Package unit provides useful Qlovaseed constants.


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const Auto = math.MaxFloat64

Auto is a an automatic unit that works in some contexts.

const Cm = 10 * Mm

Cm is a centimeter.

const Em = css.Em

Em is the 'default font size' unit. This is the recommended unit to use in almost all circumstances.

const In = 96 * Px

In is an inch.

const Mm = In * 0.0393701

Mm is a millimeter.

const Pc = 12 * Pt

Pc is a pica.

const Pt = In / 72

Pt is a CSS pt.

const Px = css.Px

Px are device-independent pixels.

const Vmin = css.Vm

Vmin is equal to 1% of the viewport's smaller dimension

func Deg Uses

func Deg(deg float64) float64

Deg returns degrees to radians.

type Unit Uses

type Unit = complex128

Unit type.

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