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package auth_identity

import ""


Package Files

auth_identity.go sign_logs.go

type AuthIdentity Uses

type AuthIdentity struct {

AuthIdentity auth identity session model

type Basic Uses

type Basic struct {
    Provider          string // phone, email, wechat, github...
    UID               string `gorm:"column:uid"`
    EncryptedPassword string
    UserID            string
    ConfirmedAt       *time.Time

Basic basic information about auth identity

func (Basic) ToClaims Uses

func (basic Basic) ToClaims() *claims.Claims

ToClaims convert to auth Claims

type SignLog Uses

type SignLog struct {
    UserAgent string
    At        *time.Time
    IP        string

SignLog sign log

type SignLogs Uses

type SignLogs struct {
    Log         string `sql:"-"`
    SignInCount uint
    Logs        []SignLog

SignLogs record sign in logs

func (*SignLogs) Scan Uses

func (signLogs *SignLogs) Scan(data interface{}) (err error)

Scan scan data into sign logs

func (SignLogs) Value Uses

func (signLogs SignLogs) Value() (driver.Value, error)

Value return struct's Value

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