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Qri is a distributed dataset version control tool. Bigger than a spreadsheet, smaller than a database, datasets are all around us. Use Qri to browse, download, create, fork, and publish datasets on a peer-to-peer network that works both on and offline.

more info at: https://qri.io

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actionsPackage actions provides canonical business logic that operates on Repos to get higher-order functionality.
apiPackage api implements a JSON-API for interacting with a qri node
basePackage base defines business that operates on local data.
base/fillPackage fill assigns arbitrary values to struct fields using reflection.
cmdPackage cmd defines the CLI interface.
cmd/generatePackage generate is a command that creates a bash completion file for qri
configPackage config encapsulates qri configuration options & details.
config/migratePackage migrate defines migrations for qri configuration files
config/testPackage test contains predefined set of PeerInfo for testing.
docsDocs is a tool for generating markdown documentation of the qri command line interface (CLI)
dsrefPackage dsref defines structure and syntax for referring to a dataset
fsiPackage fsi defines qri file system integration: representing a dataset as files in a directory on a user's computer.
libPackage lib implements core qri business logic.
lib/testPackage test defines utilities for testing the lib package, including caches of expensive processes like cryptographic key generation and ipfs repo creation
logbookPackage logbook records and syncs dataset histories.
logbook/logPackage log is an operation-based conflict-free replicated data type (CRDT) of append-only logs.
p2pPackage p2p implements qri peer-to-peer communication.
p2p/testPackage p2ptest defines utilities for qri peer-2-peer testing
registryPackage registry defines primitives for keeping centralized repositories of qri types (peers, datasets, etc).
registry/regclientPackage regclient defines a client for interacting with a registry server
registry/regserverPackage regserver is a wrapper around the handlers package, turning it into a proper http server
registry/regserver/handlersPackage handlers creates HTTP handler functions for registry interface implementations
registry/regserver/mockPackage mock provides a mock registry server for testing purposes it mocks the behaviour of a registry server with in-memory storage
remotePackage remote implements syncronization between qri instances
repoPackage repo represents a repository of qri information Analogous to a git repository, repo expects a rigid structure filled with rich types specific to qri.
repo/fsPackage fsrepo is a file-system implementation of repo
repo/genPackage gen contains routines that perform expensive cryptographic operations.
repo/profilePackage profile defines a qri peer profile
repo/searchPackage search creates a local search index of a repo using the bleve search engine
repo/testPackage test contains a set of tests to ensure a repo implementation conforms to expected behaviors, calling RunRepoTests on a given repo implementation should pass all checks in order to properly work with Qri.
revPackage rev defines structure and syntax for specifying revisions of a dataset history.
startfPackage startf implements dataset transformations using the starlark programming dialect For more info on starlark check github.com/google/starlark
startf/dsPackage ds exposes the qri dataset document model into starlark
updatePackage update defines the update service
update/cronPackage cron schedules dataset and shell script updates

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