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package excite

import "github.com/r9y9/gossp/excite"

Package excite provides support for excitation generation from fundamental frequency.


Package Files

excite.go pulse.go

type PulseExcite Uses

type PulseExcite struct {
    SampleRate int
    FrameShift int
    UseGauss   bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PulseExcite represents generating excitation signals. if UseGauss is set to true, gaussian random samples are generated for non-voice segments, pseudo random samples otherwise.

func NewPulseExcite Uses

func NewPulseExcite(sampleRate, frameShift int) *PulseExcite

NewPulseExcite returns its instance with sample rate and framshift.

func (*PulseExcite) Generate Uses

func (e *PulseExcite) Generate(f0Sequence []float64) []float64

Gerenate generates an excitation signal from f0 sequence. If the unvoiced segment is detected (segment of zero f0), this generates gaussian or pseudo random samples, f0-dependent excitation otherwise.

func (*PulseExcite) GenerateOneFrame Uses

func (e *PulseExcite) GenerateOneFrame(f01, f02 float64) []float64

GenerateOneFrame generates an excitation signal from successive two f0. If the given f0 have zero value(s), GenerateOneFrame generates random samples, f0-dependent excitation otherwise.

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