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package mgcep

import "github.com/r9y9/gossp/mgcep"

Package mgcep provides support for Mel-Generalized Cepstrum Analysis.


Package Files

c2ir.go freqt.go gc2gc.go gnorm.go ignorm.go mcep.go mgc2mgc.go mgcep.go uels.go

func C2IR Uses

func C2IR(ceps []float64, length int) []float64

C2IR performs conversion from minimum phase cepstral coefficients to impule response. Note: a bit differ in original function c2ir. m+1 = nc

func CalcMCepAlpha Uses

func CalcMCepAlpha(sampleRate int) float64

Calculate all-pass constant (alpha) for a given sample frequency.

func Cepstrum2LogAmplitude Uses

func Cepstrum2LogAmplitude(ceps []float64) []float64

Cepstrum2Amplitude return log amplitude spectrum from cepstrum. Note: This function requires symmetric cepstrum as the argument.

func FreqT Uses

func FreqT(ceps []float64, order int, alpha float64) []float64


func FrequencyWarping Uses

func FrequencyWarping(ceps []float64, order int, alpha float64) []float64

FrequencyWarping returns frequency-warped (mel) cesptrum given a cepstrum. The order is a desired order of the cepstrum and alhpa is an all-pass constant.

func GC2GC Uses

func GC2GC(c1 []float64, gamma1 float64, m2 int, gamma2 float64) []float64

GC2GC peforms Generalized cepstrum transformation.

func GNorm Uses

func GNorm(ceps []float64, gamma float64) []float64

GNorm performs Gamma Normalization to Cepstrum.

func IGNorm Uses

func IGNorm(normalizedCeps []float64, gamma float64) []float64

IGNorm performs inverse Gamma Normalization to Cepstrum.

func LogAmp2MCep Uses

func LogAmp2MCep(logAmp []float64, order int, alpha float64) []float64

LogAmp2MCep returns mel-cepstrum from a given log amplitude spectrum. Note: This function requires symmetric log-amplitude that length correspond to the number of frequency bins in fourier analysis.

func LogAmplitude2Cepsturm Uses

func LogAmplitude2Cepsturm(logAmp []float64) []float64

Amplitude2Cepstrum returns (real) cepstrum from an amplitude spectrum.

func MCep Uses

func MCep(audioBuffer []float64, order int, alpha float64) []float64

func MCep2Energy Uses

func MCep2Energy(mc []float64, alpha float64, length int) float64

func MCep2LogAmp Uses

func MCep2LogAmp(melCeps []float64, numFreqBins int, alpha float64) []float64

MCep2LogAmp returns log amplitude spectrum from a given mel-cepstrum.

func MGC2MGC Uses

func MGC2MGC(c1 []float64, alpha1, gamma1 float64,
    m2 int, alpha2, gamma2 float64) []float64

MGC2MGC performs Mel generalized cepstrum transformation.

func MGCep Uses

func MGCep(audioBuffer []float64,
    order int, alpha, gamma float64) []float64

MGCep performs Mel-Generalized Cepstrum analysis and returns mgcep coefficients. Parameters:

order: order of mel-generalized cepstrum
alpha: frequency warping parameter
gamma: parameter of generalized log function


mel-generalized cepstrum coefficients (length of order+1)

func UELS Uses

func UELS(audioBuffer []float64, order int) []float64

TODO(ryuichi) replace with pure Go.

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