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package base

import ""

Package base provides information and interaction with the base API resource in the OpenStack CDN service. This API resource allows for retrieving the Home Document and pinging the root URL.


Package Files

doc.go requests.go results.go urls.go

type GetResult Uses

type GetResult struct {

GetResult represents the result of a Get operation.

func Get Uses

func Get(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient) GetResult

Get retrieves the home document, allowing the user to discover the entire API.

func (GetResult) Extract Uses

func (r GetResult) Extract() (*HomeDocument, error)

Extract is a function that accepts a result and extracts a home document resource.

type HomeDocument Uses

type HomeDocument map[string]interface{}

HomeDocument is a resource that contains all the resources for the CDN API.

type PingResult Uses

type PingResult struct {

PingResult represents the result of a Ping operation.

func Ping Uses

func Ping(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient) PingResult

Ping retrieves a ping to the server.

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