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package serviceassets

import ""

Package serviceassets provides information and interaction with the serviceassets API resource in the OpenStack CDN service. This API resource allows for deleting cached assets.

A service distributes assets across the network. Service assets let you interrogate properties about these assets and perform certain actions on them.


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type DeleteOpts Uses

type DeleteOpts struct {
    // If all is set to true, specifies that the delete occurs against all of the
    // assets for the service.
    All bool `q:"all"`
    // Specifies the relative URL of the asset to be deleted.
    URL string `q:"url"`

DeleteOpts is a structure that holds options for deleting CDN service assets.

func (DeleteOpts) ToCDNAssetDeleteParams Uses

func (opts DeleteOpts) ToCDNAssetDeleteParams() (string, error)

ToCDNAssetDeleteParams formats a DeleteOpts into a query string.

type DeleteOptsBuilder Uses

type DeleteOptsBuilder interface {
    ToCDNAssetDeleteParams() (string, error)

DeleteOptsBuilder allows extensions to add additional parameters to the Delete request.

type DeleteResult Uses

type DeleteResult struct {

DeleteResult represents the result of a Delete operation.

func Delete Uses

func Delete(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, idOrURL string, opts DeleteOptsBuilder) DeleteResult

Delete accepts a unique service ID or URL and deletes the CDN service asset associated with it. For example, both "96737ae3-cfc1-4c72-be88-5d0e7cc9a3f0" and "" are valid options for idOrURL.

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