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package quotasets

import ""

Package quotasets provides information and interaction with QuotaSet extension for the OpenStack Compute service.


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func ExtractQuotaSets Uses

func ExtractQuotaSets(page pagination.Page) ([]QuotaSet, error)

ExtractQuotaSets interprets a page of results as a slice of QuotaSets.

type GetResult Uses

type GetResult struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GetResult is the response from a Get operation. Call its Extract method to interpret it as a QuotaSet.

func Get Uses

func Get(client *gophercloud.ServiceClient, tenantID string) GetResult

Get returns public data about a previously created QuotaSet.

func (GetResult) Extract Uses

func (r GetResult) Extract() (*QuotaSet, error)

Extract is a method that attempts to interpret any QuotaSet resource response as a QuotaSet struct.

type QuotaSet Uses

type QuotaSet struct {
    //ID is tenant associated with this quota_set
    ID  string `mapstructure:"id"`
    //FixedIps is number of fixed ips alloted this quota_set
    FixedIps int `mapstructure:"fixed_ips"`
    // FloatingIps is number of floating ips alloted this quota_set
    FloatingIps int `mapstructure:"floating_ips"`
    // InjectedFileContentBytes is content bytes allowed for each injected file
    InjectedFileContentBytes int `mapstructure:"injected_file_content_bytes"`
    // InjectedFilePathBytes is allowed bytes for each injected file path
    InjectedFilePathBytes int `mapstructure:"injected_file_path_bytes"`
    // InjectedFiles is injected files allowed for each project
    InjectedFiles int `mapstructure:"injected_files"`
    // KeyPairs is number of ssh keypairs
    KeyPairs int `mapstructure:"keypairs"`
    // MetadataItems is number of metadata items allowed for each instance
    MetadataItems int `mapstructure:"metadata_items"`
    // Ram is megabytes allowed for each instance
    Ram int `mapstructure:"ram"`
    // SecurityGroupRules is rules allowed for each security group
    SecurityGroupRules int `mapstructure:"security_group_rules"`
    // SecurityGroups security groups allowed for each project
    SecurityGroups int `mapstructure:"security_groups"`
    // Cores is number of instance cores allowed for each project
    Cores int `mapstructure:"cores"`
    // Instances is number of instances allowed for each project
    Instances int `mapstructure:"instances"`

QuotaSet is a set of operational limits that allow for control of compute usage.

type QuotaSetPage Uses

type QuotaSetPage struct {

QuotaSetPage stores a single, only page of QuotaSet results from a List call.

func (QuotaSetPage) IsEmpty Uses

func (page QuotaSetPage) IsEmpty() (bool, error)

IsEmpty determines whether or not a QuotaSetsetPage is empty.

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