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package subnets

import ""


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func Create Uses

func Create(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, opts os.CreateOptsBuilder) os.CreateResult

Create accepts a CreateOpts struct and creates a new subnet using the values provided. You must remember to provide a valid NetworkID, CIDR and IP version.

func Delete Uses

func Delete(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, networkID string) os.DeleteResult

Delete accepts a unique ID and deletes the subnet associated with it.

func Get Uses

func Get(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, networkID string) os.GetResult

Get retrieves a specific subnet based on its unique ID.

func List Uses

func List(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, opts os.ListOptsBuilder) pagination.Pager

List returns a Pager which allows you to iterate over a collection of subnets. It accepts a ListOpts struct, which allows you to filter and sort the returned collection for greater efficiency.

Default policy settings return only those subnets that are owned by the tenant who submits the request, unless the request is submitted by a user with administrative rights.

func Update Uses

func Update(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, networkID string, opts os.UpdateOptsBuilder) os.UpdateResult

Update accepts a UpdateOpts struct and updates an existing subnet using the values provided.

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