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package amqp

import "github.com/rafaeljesus/rabbus/internal/amqp"


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type AMQP Uses

type AMQP struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AMQP interpret (implement) AMQP interface definition

func New Uses

func New(dsn string, pex bool) (*AMQP, error)

New returns a new AMQP configured, or returning an non-nil err if an error occurred while creating connection or channel.

func (*AMQP) Close Uses

func (ai *AMQP) Close() error

Close closes the running amqp connection and channel

func (*AMQP) CreateConsumer Uses

func (ai *AMQP) CreateConsumer(exchange, key, kind, queue string, durable bool, declareArgs, bindArgs amqp.Table) (<-chan amqp.Delivery, error)

CreateConsumer creates a amqp consumer. Most interesting declare args are:

func (*AMQP) NotifyClose Uses

func (ai *AMQP) NotifyClose(c chan *amqp.Error) chan *amqp.Error

NotifyClose wrapper over notifyClose method

func (*AMQP) Publish Uses

func (ai *AMQP) Publish(exchange, key string, opts amqp.Publishing) error

Publish wraps amqp.Publish method

func (*AMQP) WithExchange Uses

func (ai *AMQP) WithExchange(exchange, kind string, durable bool) error

WithExchange creates a amqp exchange

func (*AMQP) WithQos Uses

func (ai *AMQP) WithQos(count, size int, global bool) error

WithQos wrapper over amqp.Qos method

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