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package requester

import "github.com/rakyll/hey/requester"

Hey supports two output formats: summary and CSV

The summary output presents a number of statistics about the requests in a human-readable format, including: - general statistics: requests/second, total runtime, and average, fastest, and slowest requests. - a response time histogram. - a percentile latency distribution. - statistics (average, fastest, slowest) on the stages of the requests.

The comma-separated CSV format is proceeded by a header, and consists of the following columns: 1. response-time: Total time taken for request (in seconds) 2. DNS+dialup: Time taken to establish the TCP connection (in seconds) 3. DNS: Time taken to do the DNS lookup (in seconds) 4. Request-write: Time taken to write full request (in seconds) 5. Response-delay: Time taken to first byte received (in seconds) 6. Response-read: Time taken to read full response (in seconds) 7. status-code: HTTP status code of the response (e.g. 200) 8. offset: The time since the start of the benchmark when the request was started. (in seconds)

Package requester provides commands to run load tests and display results.


Package Files

now_other.go print.go report.go requester.go

type Bucket Uses

type Bucket struct {
    Mark      float64
    Count     int
    Frequency float64

type LatencyDistribution Uses

type LatencyDistribution struct {
    Percentage int
    Latency    float64

type Report Uses

type Report struct {
    AvgTotal float64
    Fastest  float64
    Slowest  float64
    Average  float64
    Rps      float64

    AvgConn  float64
    AvgDNS   float64
    AvgReq   float64
    AvgRes   float64
    AvgDelay float64
    ConnMax  float64
    ConnMin  float64
    DnsMax   float64
    DnsMin   float64
    ReqMax   float64
    ReqMin   float64
    ResMax   float64
    ResMin   float64
    DelayMax float64
    DelayMin float64

    Lats        []float64
    ConnLats    []float64
    DnsLats     []float64
    ReqLats     []float64
    ResLats     []float64
    DelayLats   []float64
    Offsets     []float64
    StatusCodes []int

    Total time.Duration

    ErrorDist      map[string]int
    StatusCodeDist map[int]int
    SizeTotal      int64
    SizeReq        int64
    NumRes         int64

    LatencyDistribution []LatencyDistribution
    Histogram           []Bucket

type Work Uses

type Work struct {
    // Request is the request to be made.
    Request *http.Request

    RequestBody []byte

    // N is the total number of requests to make.
    N   int

    // C is the concurrency level, the number of concurrent workers to run.
    C   int

    // H2 is an option to make HTTP/2 requests
    H2  bool

    // Timeout in seconds.
    Timeout int

    // Qps is the rate limit in queries per second.
    QPS float64

    // DisableCompression is an option to disable compression in response
    DisableCompression bool

    // DisableKeepAlives is an option to prevents re-use of TCP connections between different HTTP requests
    DisableKeepAlives bool

    // DisableRedirects is an option to prevent the following of HTTP redirects
    DisableRedirects bool

    // Output represents the output type. If "csv" is provided, the
    // output will be dumped as a csv stream.
    Output string

    // ProxyAddr is the address of HTTP proxy server in the format on "host:port".
    // Optional.
    ProxyAddr *url.URL

    // Writer is where results will be written. If nil, results are written to stdout.
    Writer io.Writer
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Work) Finish Uses

func (b *Work) Finish()

func (*Work) Init Uses

func (b *Work) Init()

Init initializes internal data-structures

func (*Work) Run Uses

func (b *Work) Run()

Run makes all the requests, prints the summary. It blocks until all work is done.

func (*Work) Stop Uses

func (b *Work) Stop()

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