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codegenPackage codegen contains data structures and algorithms used by the Goa code generation tool.
codegen/cliPackage cli contains helpers used by transport-specific command-line client generators for parsing the command-line flags to identify the service and the method to make a request along with the request payload to be sent.
codegen/examplePackage example contains code generation algorithms to produce an example server and client implementation for the transports defined in the design.
codegen/generatorPackage generator contains the code generation algorithms for a service server, client, and OpenAPI specification.
codegen/servicePackage service contains the code generation algorithms to produce code for the service and views packages and dummy implementation for the services defined in the design.
corsPackage cors provides the means for implementing the server side of CORS, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Access_control_CORS.
designPackage design defines types which describe the data types used by action controllers.
design/apidslPackage apidsl implements the goa design language.
design/apidsl/testPackage test contains a self-contained DSL test.
dslPackage dsl implements the Goa DSL.
encodingPackage encoding provide goa adapters to many different encoders.
encoding/formPackage form provides a "application/x-www-form-encoding" encoder and decoder.
evalPackage eval implements a DSL engine for executing arbitrary Go DSLs.
exprPackage expr defines expressions and data types used by the DSL and the code generators.
goagen/codegenPackage codegen contains common code used by all code generators.
goagen/gen_swaggerPackage genswagger provides a generator for the JSON swagger controller.
grpcPackage grpc contains code generation logic to produce a server that serves gRPC requests and a client that encode requests to and decode responses from a gRPC server.
grpc/codegenPackage codegen contains the code generation logic to generate gRPC service definitions (.proto files) from the design DSLs and the corresponding server and client code that wraps the goa-generated endpoints with the protocol buffer compiler (protoc) generated clients and servers.
grpc/middlewarePackage middleware contains gRPC server and client interceptors that wraps unary and streaming RPCs to provide additional functionality.
grpc/middleware/xrayPackage xray contains unary and streaming server and client interceptors that create AWS X-Ray segments from the gRPC requests and responses and send the segments to an AWS X-ray daemon.
grpc/pbPackage goapb contains protocol buffer message types used by the code generation logic.
httpPackage http contains HTTP specific constructs that complement the code generated by Goa.
http/codegenPackage codegen contains code generation logic to generate HTTP server and client that wrap the generated goa endpoint and the OpenAPI 2.0 specifications for the HTTP endpoints.
http/codegen/openapiPackage openapi produces OpenAPI Specification 2.0 (https://github.com/OAI/OpenAPI-Specification/blob/master/versions/2.0.md) for the HTTP endpoints.
http/middlewarePackage middleware contains HTTP middlewares that wrap a HTTP handler to provide additional functionality.
http/middleware/xrayPackage xray contains middleware that creates AWS X-Ray segments from the HTTP requests and responses and send the segments to an AWS X-ray daemon.
loggingPackage logging contains logger adapters that make it possible for goa to log messages to various logger backends.
pkgPackage goa implements a Go framework for writing microservices that promotes best practice by providing a single source of truth from which server code, client code, and documentation is derived.
securityPackage security contains the types used by the code generators to secure goa endpoint.

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