rclone: github.com/rclone/rclone/lib


atexitPackage atexit provides handling for functions you want called when the program exits unexpectedly due to a signal.
bucketPackage bucket is contains utilities for managing bucket based backends
cachePackage cache implements a simple cache where the entries are expired after a given time (5 minutes of disuse by default).
dircachePackage dircache provides a simple cache for caching directory to path lookups
envPackage env contains functions for dealing with environment variables
filePackage file provides a version of os.OpenFile, the handles of which can be renamed and deleted under Windows.
isracePackage israce reports if the Go race detector is enabled.
pacerPackage pacer makes pacing and retrying API calls easy
pluginPackage plugin implements loading out-of-tree storage backends using https://golang.org/pkg/plugin/ on Linux and macOS.
poolPackage pool implements a memory pool similar in concept to sync.Pool but with more determinism.
randomPackage random holds a few functions for working with random numbers
restPackage rest implements a simple REST wrapper
structsPackage structs is for manipulating structures with reflection
terminalPackage terminal provides VT100 terminal codes and a windows implementation of that.

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