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package application

import ""


Package Files

interfaces.go types.go


var QueueNameReg = regexp.MustCompile(`^[a-z0-9A-Z-]{3,64}$`)

Queue name limitations

type Actions Uses

type Actions interface {
    // List of actions defined in Makefile as targets
    Actions() ([]string, error)
    // Do target defined in Makefile. Time limit, global env and out can be nil.
    Do(ctx context.Context, name string, timeLimit time.Duration, globalEnv map[string]string, out io.Writer) error
    // Do scheduled actions based on last run
    DoScheduled(ctx context.Context, lastRun time.Time, globalEnv map[string]string)

Lambda functions

type Cases Uses

type Cases interface {
    // Create new lambda from remote Git repository. Will work only if SSH key set
    CreateFromGit(ctx context.Context, repo string) (string, error)
    // Create new lambda using provided template
    CreateFromTemplate(ctx context.Context, template templates.Template) (string, error)
    // Create empty lambda
    Create(ctx context.Context) (string, error)
    // Remove lamdba from index and definition
    Remove(uid string) error
    // Get underlying platform
    Platform() Platform
    // Get underlying queues manager
    Queues() Queues
    // Run scheduled actions from all lambda. Saves last run
    RunScheduledActions(ctx context.Context)
    // List of all templates without availability check
    Templates() (map[string]*templates.Template, error)
    // Content of SSH public key if set
    PublicSSHKey() ([]byte, error)

High-level use-cases

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    User        string            `json:"user"`                  // user that will be used for jobs
    Environment map[string]string `json:"environment,omitempty"` // global environment
    Links       map[string]string `json:"links,omitempty"`       // links (alias -> uid)

func (*Config) ReadFile Uses

func (cfg *Config) ReadFile(file string) error

func (Config) WithEnv Uses

func (cfg Config) WithEnv(env map[string]string) Config

func (Config) WithUser Uses

func (cfg Config) WithUser(user string) Config

func (*Config) WriteFile Uses

func (cfg *Config) WriteFile(file string) error

type Definition Uses

type Definition struct {
    UID      string              `json:"uid"`
    Aliases  types.JsonStringSet `json:"aliases"`
    Manifest types.Manifest      `json:"manifest"`
    Lambda   Lambda              `json:"-"`

type FileSystem Uses

type FileSystem interface {
    // List files and dirs
    ListFiles(path string) ([]types.File, error)
    // Get content of file
    ReadFile(path string, output io.Writer) error
    // Write content to file
    WriteFile(path string, input io.Reader) error
    // Remove selected file
    RemoveFile(path string) error
    // Rename local file
    RenameFile(src, dest string) error
    // Pack content of lambda to tar.gz
    Content(tarball io.Writer) error
    // Set content of lambda from tar.gz and apply changes (re-index)
    SetContent(tarball io.Reader) error

type Invokable Uses

type Invokable interface {
    // Invoke request, write response. Required header should be set by invoker
    Invoke(ctx context.Context, request types.Request, response io.Writer, globalEnv map[string]string) error
    // Unique ID
    UID() string

type Lambda Uses

type Lambda interface {
    // Manifest configuration
    Manifest() types.Manifest
    // Update manifest and apply changes (re-index)
    SetManifest(manifest types.Manifest) error
    // Running credentials
    Credentials() *types.Credential
    // Update credentials (could be null) (and apply ownership for files if needed)
    SetCredentials(creds *types.Credential) error
    // Remove lambda
    Remove() error

Basic invokable entity


- can be executed
- can be destroyed
- can manage files
- doesn't know about UID and alias

type Platform Uses

type Platform interface {
    // Resolved user credentials (could be null)
    Credentials() *types.Credential
    // Platform configuration
    Config() Config
    // Update and apply new configuration
    SetConfig(config Config) error
    // List of all lambdas manifests (unordered) with UID and aliases
    List() []Definition
    // Get lambda by UID (if indexed)
    FindByUID(uid string) (*Definition, error)
    // Get lambda by link/alias (if indexed)
    FindByLink(link string) (*Definition, error)
    // Make link to target UID. Could fail if no target UID exists or link already bound to another lambda. Returns definition of lambda
    Link(targetUID string, linkName string) (*Definition, error)
    // Remove link by name. Returns old linked lambda or null
    Unlink(linkName string) (*Definition, error)
    // Put existent lambda to platform, index it and apply.
    Add(uid string, lambda Lambda) error
    // Remove existent lambda from platform and index (doesn't call underlying Remove() method)
    Remove(uid string)
    // Invoke lambda with platform global environment and logs results to tracker (if set)
    Invoke(ctx context.Context, lambda Invokable, request types.Request, out io.Writer) error
    // Same as Find + Invoke, but caller has no control on NotFound error
    InvokeByUID(ctx context.Context, uid string, request types.Request, out io.Writer) error
    // Do lambda action target defined in Makefile with platform global environment. Time limit and out can be nil
    Do(ctx context.Context, lambda Lambda, action string, timeLimit time.Duration, out io.Writer) error

Platform should index lambda, keep shared info (like env) and apply global configuration


- should manage index lambda by UID
- should manage index lambda by Alias
- should keep shared info
- remove from index doesn't destroy lambda

type Policies Uses

type Policies interface {
    // List all policies
    List() []Policy
    // Create new policy
    Create(policy string, definition PolicyDefinition) (*Policy, error)
    // Remove policy
    Remove(policy string) error
    // Update policy definition
    Update(policy string, definition PolicyDefinition) error
    // Apply policy for the resource
    Apply(lambda string, policy string) error
    // Clear applied policy for the lambda
    Clear(lambda string) error
    // Get policy by name or return error
    Get(policy string) (*Policy, error)
    // Find policy by lambda
    Find(lambda string) (*Policy, error)

Manage policies for the all kind of resource. Lambda can have only one policy at one time, but one policy can be used by many lambdas.

type Policy Uses

type Policy struct {
    ID         string              `json:"id"`
    Definition PolicyDefinition    `json:"definition"`
    Lambdas    types.JsonStringSet `json:"lambdas"`

type PolicyDefinition Uses

type PolicyDefinition struct {
    AllowedIP     types.JsonStringSet `json:"allowed_ip,omitempty"`     // limit incoming connections from list of IP
    AllowedOrigin types.JsonStringSet `json:"allowed_origin,omitempty"` // limit incoming connections by origin header
    Public        bool                `json:"public"`                   // if public, tokens are ignores
    Tokens        map[string]string   `json:"tokens,omitempty"`         // limit request by value in Authorization header (token => title)

type Queue Uses

type Queue struct {
    Name           string             `json:"name"`
    Target         string             `json:"target"`
    Retry          int                `json:"retry"`            // number of additional attempts
    MaxElementSize int64              `json:"max_element_size"` // max request size
    Interval       types.JsonDuration `json:"interval"`         // delay between attempts

type Queues Uses

type Queues interface {
    // Put request to queue. If queue not exists, an error will be thrown
    Put(queue string, request *types.Request) error
    // Add new queue. See QueueNameReg for limitations
    Add(queue Queue) error
    // Remove queue and worker
    Remove(queue string) error
    // Assign queue to another lambda. If lambda is empty, queue will be stopped (but Put will still work)
    Assign(queue string, targetLambda string) error
    // List of all defined queue.
    List() []Queue
    // Find queues linked to lambda
    Find(targetLambda string) []Queue
    // Get queue by ID or return ErrNotExists
    Get(queue string) (*Queue, error)

Queues manager. Manages queues and linked worker

type Validator Uses

type Validator interface {
    // Inspect request according policy (if applied). Returns null if all checks successful
    Inspect(lambda string, request *types.Request) error



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