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package controllers

import ""


Package Files


type Static Uses

type Static struct {

Static file serving controller

func (Static) Serve Uses

func (c Static) Serve(prefix, filepath string) revel.Result

Serve method handles requests for files. The supplied prefix may be absolute or relative. If the prefix is relative it is assumed to be relative to the application directory. The filepath may either be just a file or an additional filepath to search for the given file. This response may return the following responses in the event of an error or invalid request;

403(Forbidden): If the prefix filepath combination results in a directory.
404(Not found): If the prefix and filepath combination results in a non-existent file.
500(Internal Server Error): There are a few edge cases that would likely indicate some configuration error outside of revel.

Note that when defining routes in routes/conf the parameters must not have spaces around the comma.

Bad:  Static.Serve("public/img", "favicon.png")
Good: Static.Serve("public/img","favicon.png")

Examples: Serving a directory

Route (conf/routes):
  GET /public/{<.*>filepath} Static.Serve("public")

Serving a file

Route (conf/routes):
  GET /favicon.ico Static.Serve("public/img","favicon.png")
  Static.Serve("public/img", "favicon.png")

func (Static) ServeModule Uses

func (c Static) ServeModule(moduleName, prefix, filepath string) revel.Result

ServeModule method allows modules to serve binary files. The parameters are the same as Static.Serve with the additional module name pre-pended to the list of arguments.

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